Targeted Website Traffic [Social Media Traffic that Works]

Today you’re going to learn how to get targeted website traffic. I’m going to teach you what’s working very well right now with traffic generation.

You will learn how to promote your web pages, youtube videos/channels. etc, using social media traffic.

Now I assume you already have your product created, for example, the one you created on your affiliate network like Clickbank.

You can be an affiliate, a webmaster, or a Youtube channel owner with the best product in the world. However, you will not get any traffic if no one knows about it.

Getting targeted traffic to your website will help the right people know about your product or service.

I was motivated to write this post by a review I read from a friend who found massive success after following a traffic guide called The Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising. It shows how powerful social media advertising can be, especially Facebook and Instagram advertising.

So I want to make sure that henceforth I cover some really good social traffic generation methods on my blog, especially Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram traffic techniques.

This help you know how you can start driving targeted traffic to whatever it is you are focusing your time on, whether you are an affiliate or a vendor.

What is the Most Targeted Website Traffic Method?

I don’t want to overwhelm you. I can, you know, throw in 5 to 10 different targeted website traffic methods. But that’s not the point here. The point is for you to find success with your product.

The best way for me to help you find success is to pick our the best traffic method that works for me and many other people for you.

Even though there’s not a lot of targeted website traffic methods, there are certain ones we use at Prominent Affiliate the most. They are the ones we found the most success with.

  1. Targeted Website Traffic from Instagram (taught on this post)
  2. Hot New Traffic System (coming up soon)

That way you can focus your time on one traffic method or whatever, which one you choose and from there find success.

So in this whole section of my website, I will help you go through everything that you need to know about some of my successful and favorite traffic methods.

Will Your Traffic Methods Change with Time?

Yes. My recommended traffic methods are going to be changing. So make sure to come back to my site regularly and check them out.

I’m going to be updating this site with the latest and most successful targeted website traffic methods, the way they work and the best services and tools to use.

Targeted Traffic to Affiliate & Vendor Funnels

What I’m going to be walking you through today is how you can start driving some awesome targeted traffic to either an affiliate funnel or to a vendor funnel.

Now an affiliate funnel is obviously for an affiliate who is promoting someone else’s product. A vendor funnel is for a vendor (the person who created the product).

I want to keep it simple and teach only two different but very effect traffic methods (one today and the other one soon). They are two methods that have been proven to work.

That way you can focus your time on stuff that I am confident about. I’m 500% sure they will work for you.

So let’s dive straight in to it!

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21 thoughts on “Targeted Website Traffic [Social Media Traffic that Works]”

  1. You’ve got some really great tips here and I can’t thank you enough for authoring this write-up. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing sites for a while now and I can’t agree with you more on every single point. Building up a mailing list and offering content that keeps people on it is so important. I’m glad you covered that! 

    Thank you so much for the info!

    • You’re welcome Buck. I appreciate your comment. Hope you’ll come back again for more valuable tips on targeted traffic.

  2. Awesome post. There’s gold in these hills! Targeted website traffic is SUCH an important part of online business that this in and of itself could bring you MASSIVE online success. I run a blog myself, and I find that to this day, targeted traffic is what I focus most of my time on. Analytics is a godsend, and I don’t know how my business could survive without it. You’ve included a lot of great tips in here, fundamentals that even I struggle to be persistent with. SO thank you for creating this blog, as it has served as a great reminded for me as well as a source of motivation to keep improving my methods of attaining website traffic ; )  

    • Awesome comment Koda. Hope you picked a few things you didn’t know before in my post.

  3. This is a very timely post for me because I am now in the position of having a website with content and needing to attract traffic to it, I have learnt a lot and have some great tips and guidance on how to move ahead.

    I will be putting them into practice and working hard to generate more genuine traffic to my site.

    Your article is well thought out with plenty of help and advice.

    Thank you 


    • Thank you Louise for taking time to read my post. Let me know the outcome when you test what you’ve learned out.

  4. Targeted traffic is obviously a hot topic for any blogger, so this article is key and super timely.

    I guess my strategy has been flawed until now that I read your article because Instagram has not been part of my strategy at all.  I didn’t realize how important this platform has become.

    I quite frankly don’t understand it, and so I’m glad you have this post with detailed information about it.


    • You’re welcome Carmen 

  5. Hi; Targeted Website traffic is what all affiliate marketers need to get their business earning money or improving on the amount of money that their business can generate for them.

     If there is a wealth creation academy that will guarantee Affiliate Marketers the turnover for their hard work I assure you that Marketers will no doubt flock that Academy. I will be looking out for the Academy


  6. I am trying to break through in the affiliate marketing world and I need guidance. The headline of this post is what caught my attention and I am glad I have not been disappointed by the content you put out so clearly. 
    Sending targeted traffic to an affiliate marketing funnel after building up an email list is the technique that I have liked and will try out to move to the next level. I cannot thank you enough for sharing this information. I will keep hooked to your site for more insights.

    • Thank you for letting me know. I appreciate your contribution.

  7. I am very for your appreciation I am so lucky because I learn something from you how to solve to traffic generation and thank you very much for your wishes and keep pursuing me. I am really interested to know about affiliate and such an I wants to the owner the best product in the world.
    I also stimulate to your friend success it’s an actually great sign I hope I will lucky if you gave me a chance to prove myself through Facebook, Instagram traffic techniques. I really agree with you to choose certain of success product as truly. thank you very much for your helpful tips it’s such a big platform I can learn so many important things form you it will help me make my life as a feeling of peace and increase my general knowledge.

  8. Wow, 3,000 likes with 500 emails for only $150! That is amazingly good! I am completely sold on this method. I’m going to try it and let you know of my results. This was the most helpful article I’ve ever seen! I’ll be also checking out your Ultimate Guide to Facebook advertising. Thank you for writing and sharing this tactic!

  9. Thanks for this, I have really been neglecting my Instagram account and focusing on facebook and Pinterest most recently Facebook.  Thank for this Instagram guide to traffic, really good stuff over here. Page bookmarked for future reading. 

    All in all I like the content you upload and I am looking forward to future training, thanks.

    • Thank you Ryan.  I appreciate it.

  10. This post is really useful for anyone trying to get traffic. I never knew how much instagram can help to increase traffic and it doesn’t seem that difficult either. I only knew how to promote stuff through facebook before but you brought up some really great tips that I needed which can help a lot. 

    This is a great post and thanks for sharing such great information.

  11. Oh thank you for giving me some ideas about having targeted website traffic, Usually I use paid adword or facebook ads to have more specific target, but using Instagram shoutout seems a good and cheaper alternative. I will start to research for Instagram accounts within my niche. Is there any specific benchmark for cost per subscriber when using shoutout, so I can assess whether paying an account is effective or not? Thanks

    • Thank you for visiting my blog Alblue. Please let me know the outcome of your research.

      Thank you very much.

  12. These are great tips that I never even knew about. This is a very smart idea to start building a community on a website and once I have a more better website I’ll definitely do this so more people will notice my website and join the email list. I’m glad you shared such a great technique and thanks for this great article with so much useful information.

    • You’re welcome Ricardo


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