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Social Media Marketing for SEO (Using Powerful Strategy)

In this tutorial you will learn how to use social media marketing for your website’s search engine optimization.

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When business owners and marketing managers contact our agency to enquire about SEO, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive is: “Do you include social media?”.

This question troubles me.

It does so because the vagueness embedded in the question lays bare the fact that the enquirer doesn’t really know what they’re asking.

The online marketing industry has done a great job of persuading the average business owner they need to ‘do’ Social Media to succeed in business.

Heavens to Betsy. This really frustrates me!

Or to be more down with the kids, let me put it another way.


Without understanding how social media applies to your industry and business (if it does at all), using social media as a means of directly attracting sales is quite misleading.

How Social Media Applies to SEO

Let’s get back to basics my friend.

Once and for all I’m going to clear up how on earth social media applies to SEO. In fact, I’m going to lucidly explain how it applies to anything when you’re trying to market a product or service.

To understand it all, we need to compartmentalize social media into 3 distinct cash camps:

Organic Social Media Marketing

Paid Social Media Marketing

Social Media for SEO

Organic Social Media Marketing

Whenever I get asked if our SEO packages “include social media”, whether they realize it or not, the enquirer is talking about organic social media marketing,

Organic social media marketing is the unicorn of social media that you’ll find discussed and touted ad nauseam in various online articles with catchy titles like…

‘10 Ways to Grow Your Business’
‘How Facebook Can Scale Your Company’
‘Does Your Website Have a Social Presence?’;; they’ll all littered with them.

So what’s being sold?

Well, it’s the idea that a business develops a social community of loyal followers across various social media channels. Said business then interacts with that community, sharing posts and responding to customer comments.

This then builds brand loyalty, which results in more sales for the business. Does that sound realistic to you? Me neither!

Unless you’re a Goliath brand already, like Apple or Coca Cola; or you have something incredibly exciting and innovative to sell, like Tesla, the idea that you will be able to…

1. Build a large following to your business’s social media pages naturally

2. Effectively sell to this audience

…is absurd (in my humble opinion).

Who the hell ‘likes’ a Los Angeles Steel Contractors’ Facebook page? Who ‘tweets’ on the Twitter profile of an eCommerce store selling camping equipment?

When’s the last time you had your car serviced, and found yourself compulsively reaching for your smartphone to start intertwining your social life with your auto servicing needs? I mean really.

Look. I don’t want to rain on your parade; quite the opposite. I simply want to make sure you’re pulling all your time and resources in the best direction that’s all.

Put simply, unless your product or service lends itself to explosive social media buzz – which 95% of business models don’t – you’ll be wasting your time.

Social media isn’t popular because it connects consumers to producers. It’s popular because it connects friends, family and loved ones.

So please don’t expect your customers to ‘follow’ or ‘friend’ your business because they bought something from you or used your service.

The only way you’re going to get people to ‘like’ your business page is if there’s something in it for them. And more importantly, if there’s something in it for them regularly.

To create an organic following, think of social media as a conduit to offering…

• Competitions

• Discount Codes

• Free Product Tests and Tasters

• Physical Coupons

Go ahead and offer a ‘25% off’ coupon on your product in exchange for a ‘like’. Announce a free prize for 10 lucky followers of your business page.

Things like these are the only way you’re going to see engagement from an organic social media audience. However, don’t think for one second this audience will be interested in your business when you stop offering things that essentially reduce your bottom line profit.

Unless you have a heady mix of exceptional content unavailable anywhere else on the Internet, a tranche of pre-existing loyal followers, and pure luck, get the words ‘business’, ‘social’, and ‘viral’ out your head.

Thanks for understanding. Now, shall we look at the more actionable and positive sides to social media?

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20 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing for SEO (Using Powerful Strategy)”

  1. Interesting, i am new to online marketing and my primary goal is to get people to explore my site and get help from it. Reading this article, i think you just reviewed a secret I’ve been longing to know, I am a social media freak, I even apply for jobs online through social media but I never knew there is a technique in which it works. I know of some paid social media but I’ve never heard of the organic social media and the social media marketing for SEO. Reading this article i think social media play a vital role in online marketing. Thasks for this 

    • Thank you Destiny for your insight into this topic. I hope you’ll come back for more SEO tips soon.

  2. Now I know that social media is compartmentalized into 3 distinct cash camps:organic social media marketing, paid social media marketing and social media for SEO. In the past, I thought SEO was just one of the methods to increase traffic  Further more,through building a brand through social media, freshness and social links can get your site higher in Google.

    • Thank you Jealous for your comment. I’m glad to hear you’ve learned a new thing from my social media marketing post today.

  3. Hey Lawal,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with lots of useful information on “Social Media Marketing”. In my opinion, I tend to think that it’s important to gain trust and followings when you first start out with Social Media. A lot of profits can be generated with proper strategical implementation of improving the content you post on Social Media. This is what I do and I was pleased to see the results that I’ve achieved.

    Thanks a lot for taking your precious time in writing this blog post. Keep up the good work Lawal!

    • I really appreciate your remark on this topic. I’ve benefited from it. Thank you very much.

  4. I agree with you in a lot of ways that people have unrealistic expectations of social media marketing. I have had someone ask me to make their post go viral by sharing it on my quite popular Facebook page and she couldn’t understand when I told her I am sorry but I can’t make her product post go viral – it’s not what I do and anyone that makes a promise like that is not being honest with her. 

    I do agree with you that in most cases it can be very hard to build your following and to create engagement and traffic to your website and offers… but there are certain things that you can do to draw your customers to your business through social media other than just sharing product specials and competitions. 

    Writing and publishing blog posts on your website that are useful and captivating and then sharing those on social media is a great way to build your following, create authority and get some traffic to your website. I find that the hard sell is not always the way. 

    Thanks for getting real and honest in this post! 

    • Your remark is really very helpful Lynne and I agree with your points about social media marketing. Please check back again soon for more great topics like this.

  5. Thanks for writing this article on social media marketing for seo. You really did well in this article I must commend you for that because reading this article, I feel like knowing more and more about social media marketing for seo because there is no how we will talk about internet marketing today that we will not make mention of seo media marketing first because that is where the reach marketing is situated from facebook ad, twitter, instagram etc. 

    • You’re right Afolabi. I’m planning to write more on SEO soon. Please check back for more great topics like this one.

  6. What an interesting article. I have read many articles about social media marketing and how it helps to generate traffic but I never knew that there is anything like organic social media marketing and social media from SEO. I only knew about the use of paid ads to generate traffic. Today I have just learnt a new thing from this article and I will love to implement it after building my website. Thank you for this information. It’s awesome.

    • Awesome Precious! I’m glad to hear you learned a few new things from my social media post today. I’ll publish more great contents soon.

  7. This was an excellent treatise on social media marketing and its relationship to SEO. As you say, most people and businesses simply do not understand what they are asking when it comes to this subject. They are stabbing in the dark and hoping that you can help them somehow, they are just not sure how.

    I think that social platforms are great for some things, nit so great for others. I see people waste massive amounts of time on them when they should be doing something productive like creating more great content for their business websites (THEN sharing those great posts on their social pages via a catchy image, video, contest, survey, giveaway, etc.

    Personally, I think you hit the nail on the head here with this post. Most certainly social media and the platforms can form one leg of a marketing program that pays attention to SEO throughout, but there is no panacea or cookie cutter answer nor solution to make a social program work.

    It takes planning, work, consistency of effort over time, and a goal that you are working towards, and everything you create should move you forward towards that goal. I do understand your frustration, as it seems most people just do not get it. You do.

    • You’re absolutely right Dave. Many people do not use social media the right way. I hope they will find my post some day and make changes. Thank you very much Dave.

  8. This post make a lot of sense. Most people have a wrong perception of the use social media for seo. You are  right, social media is popular because it allows friends, family and loved ones to connect. You are right, people would like your business page if they believe there is something they stands to get in return. Thanks for sharing the tips on how to get more followers and engagement using organic social media marketing. I havebookmarked this page for future reference.

    • You’re right Tolu. I’m happy you find my post helpful. I hope you’ll come back again soon to learn more.

  9. Thank you for the break down on SEO. I am now to online marketing and finding and bringing traffic to a page. I used to be someone who thought you had to depend on social media, so thank you for the eye opener. i will definitely be back to learn more about affiliate marketing. Thank You

    • Thank you Jennifer. I look forward to seeing you come back to read more awesome topics like this. 

  10. Good and interesting writeup, been new to affiliate marketing and to advertise your business on social media, it is good to know and have knowledge on social media marketing and after reading this post/review i believe i know were to start with my social media marketing and thanks for the review again.

    • I’m glad you learn something from my post on social media marketing today. Please come back again soon.


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