Setting up Aweber Autoresponders Step by Step [Visual Guide]

Setting up Aweber autoresponders is very easy if you follow the step by step approach used in the video tutorial below.

In the previous tutorial (module 2 of week 6), we discussed How to Promote Affiliate Links to Your Email List.

In this video, Adam shows step by step how to set up Aweber autoresponder account to collect emails from your subscribers, and how to send out broadcasts.

This is a very important tutorial for your affiliate business. so I’m excited you are here.

You’ll learn how to send out message broadcasts, which is how to actually email the people in your list so that you can make money with your email list.

What is Aweber?

Aweber is an email marketing platform (an email service provider). Aweber helps internet marketers like you to keep in touch with your subscribers who have requested to join your mailing list.

With Aweber you can create an account and start mailing to your list and sending them good, valuable content.

Even with a free trial account, you can use Aweber to start sending your subscribers affiliate offers and start making good money on affiliate networks like Clickbank.

How to Navigate Your Aweber Account

The first thing you want to know is how to navigate your Aweber account. Once you’re logged in to your Aweber account, you’ll see an account overview on your dashboards.

Aweber account overview dashboard

Here you’ll see how many subscribers you’ve gotten today, how many subscribers yesterday, how many people unsubscribed, and then total subscribers in your list.

The first thing you’re going to want to do when you log into your account, is go to Manage Lists near the top right corner. On the new page, click on Create A List.

Create a list in Aweber

This takes you to the page where Now when you create a list, you’ll be able to enter your business information.

About yourself on Aweber

What you’re going to want to do here is put your honest company name. You can even put your name there if you don’t yet have a company.

If you have a company website you can put it in the Your Company Website field.

Which address would you like to include at the bottom of your emails? Well, when it comes to email marketing, you have to put an address at the bottom of each email. This is a legal requirement in the United States. That’s just the way it is with the FTC.

You can obviously put your office or home address if you want. You have to do this no matter what, otherwise Awebber will not allow you to send out any email.

So it’s important for you to get an address to put in here, even if it is a simple which you can rent.

Now down this page you’ll see this question, what sender name and email address should appear with your emails?.

Sender name and address field in Aweber account

The Sender Name and Sender Email are what people are going to see when you email them from your Aweber account.

If you want them to see just your name, you can put it there but if you want it to be something related to your affiliate product that you’re promoting,  such as “Health Guide Tips”, you can put it there as well.

Product name instead of sender name on Aweber

In this case, Health Guide Tips is actually what they’re going to see as the sender name when you email them, in addition to the subject line of your email.

This is why it’s so important to use something you know they’ll understand and associate with you, or something that they signed up for. So you want to put something that represents you or your brand.

Don’t Use A Free Email Address

In the Sender Email field, you should put an email that’s associated with your own domain name, such as

The reason is that Aweber doesn’t allow you to essentially put free email addresses like a gmail/Yahoo address.

If you put a free email address like that, you will get an error message like shown in the screenshot below. This will give you delivery issues when sending out your emails.No free email addresses allowed on Aweber

You want to make sure as many of your subscribers as possible get your emails. So it’s much better to have your own domain name. You can go to Godaddy and set up a simple $1 domain name.

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How to Create Your List Name on Aweber

How to Create Your List Name on Aweber


You want to create your List Name to allow you to be able to tell and track it in your Aweber account. For example you can put Health Guide Tips as shown in the screenshot below.

In the List Description Box, briefly describe the emails your subscribers are going to receive because they will see this description. Weekly Free Health Tips is used an example in the screenshot below.

List name and description on Aweber

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