SEO Content Marketing Strategy

SEO Content Marketing Strategy [The Most Effective]

How to Promote Content

So, you’ve got some killer article ideas for your blog or website. What now? How are you going to get people linking to them?

Good question. Let’s discuss the ways in which we can promote content to attract industry-relevant links.

Manual Link Outreach

Link outreach is perhaps the most common form of off-page SEO. The premise goes like this:

1. Create a valuable content piece on your website (usually on a blog).

2. Identify high-trust and authority webpages relevant to your industry.

3. ‘Outreach’ or get in touch with anyone with administrative accesses to those webpages (site owner, article author etc).

4. Include a link to the content piece in your communication asking them to take a look and consider linking to it.

Here’s an example email we could send to build an initial relationship with a blog post author. A dialogue could be opened with them along the lines of this…



Subject: Karen, you’re going to love this!

Hi Karen,

Hope you’re well.

I just stumbled upon your post at about the latest SEO tactics.

I’ve just spent the last 4 weeks putting together the ‘Ultimate Guide to Off-Page Optimization’ and I think there are a few SEO ‘hacks’ in there that your audience will go crazy for!

For example, did you know that if you put ‘…’ at the end of your subject line on your outreach emails, you can increase their open rate by 36%!

Anyway, you can read the full article at

Let me know what you think.


You’re probably thinking sending emails like this won’t be all that effective. And it’s true, for all the emails you send the overwhelming majority will get ignored.

But if your content is genuinely valuable, you’re not rude, and you use proper spelling and grammar, it can be very effective. You just need to send it to enough prospective webmasters.

My flagship advice with all manual outreach is to make sure your emails are as bespoke and genuine as possible.

Let me repeat that. Make your emails bespoke and genuine.

If you’re going to spend your precious time manually writing emails in a template format then you may as well use email marketing software like, because otherwise you’re missing the point.

When it comes to outreach emails, putting in the extra effort to increase your conversion rate wins every time.

The more elbow grease you invest in learning about the prospect you’re contacting, the higher the chance they’ll read and reply to your emails.

It’s so easy nowadays to learn about the interests and previous work of a blog owner or article writer.

You can check them out on social media (without stalking them of course!), and include nuggets of customized information in the email intended to pique their interest. Do this and I guarantee your response rate will soar.

Automated Link Outreach

There are a plethora of software options out there to manage a more hands off approach to email link outreach if you want. The general gist of them is to send the emails en masse, then give you a user-friendly interface with which to keep on top of all the replies.

As I mentioned earlier, if you’re going to perform email outreach, putting in the effort to go bespoke will win every time. I really wouldn’t recommend signing up to generic email marketing platforms.

However, there is one exception to the rule. And that’s

Pitchbox is what our SEO Agency uses for every single client outreach campaign, and it’s a formidable piece of artillery.

It essentially allows you to add bespoke words and phrases within templated emails.

It’s the perfect ‘have your cake and eat it’ solution that toes the line between being bespoke and being efficient.

Really, I haven’t done it justice in this small section, so I’d recommend you watch the short explainer video on their homepage for a whirlwind tour of just what this software can do.

Be warned though. At nearly $200 / month It doesn’t come cheap!

Other Forms of Outreach

There’s no ‘one-size fits all’ outreach method that works best.

It’s entirely up to you to consider how you go about contacting a link prospect (emailing, messaging through social media, phone calling, sending a gift etc.), and what you then say or write to that prospect for the best results.

Remember, be polite, make sure the content you’re promoting is as good as it possibly can be, and you’ll start to see great links coming to your website.

The Broken Link Method

Broken links are links on a website which are pointing to a webpage or web resource which no longer exist. They come about for many reasons, including a domain expiring or a web page being moved to a different address.

Whatever the reason, the outcome is the same; the user is met with a ‘404 Not Found’ error on their screen.

Broken links are bad news for a website’s SEO because non-existent web resources will interfere with Google’s scan of your site.

If you have a broken link on your website, you’ll want to know about it as quickly as possible to either remove that link or update the web address of it so Google can seamlessly crawl your content again.

Remember, to scan any site for broken links, just visit

So what’s the broken link method then? Sounds like a faddy West Coast diet, right?

Well, remember how we chatted about contacting webmasters in order to alert them to their broken links in the hope to be rewarded with a link to our site?

The broken link method goes one step further in a rather clever way.

Before we contact the webmaster with any broken link information, we need to understand what resource that broken link was originally linking to when the webmaster initially created it.

If we can then recreate that content on our own site, we have the perfect crime in just 3 easy steps…

1. Contact a webmaster alerting them to the fact they have a broken link on their site.

2. Give them the address of a page on your site that, in terms of quality and context, has almost the exact same content their page was linking to in the first place!

3. Ask them to consider linking to your page instead, and optionally you can offer them $5 – $20 to pay for their administrative time.

Who wouldn’t entertain that? The Webmaster will have to login to their website to address the broken link anyway so it’s no skin off their nose to link to your newly-created content instead.

In fact it’s more effort for them to edit out the broken link or find an alternative that’s not you.

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10 thoughts on “SEO Content Marketing Strategy [The Most Effective]”

  1. This is all really great advice and I will be practicing it myself when I start to blog, it’s hard to put yourself on the other end of the spectrum sometimes.  

    I do have a question though, if you have picked a topic to blog about and you feel as though you’ve covered all there is to cover should you move on or keep trying to find that angle no one has addressed yet?

    I really enjoyed this article and I will be bookmarking it to refer back to, thank you.

    • Hi Amanda,

      Thank you for your question. You can do either. It depends on which you find easier.

      If you find easier to get content you can use to update your current discussion from another angle, then simply do that.

      Thank you for visiting my blog Amanda.

  2. Hi Lawal,

    It’s amazing the long list of items that constitute digital content. One would have been tempted to limit content to blogs and posts on websites. True: if the content quality on a site is not interesting, useful or something people would share, the effort of writing is a wasted one. And those 5 questions are a real guideline to writing quality content. Thanks for this post! 

    • You’re welcome Juliet. Thank you for your comment.

  3. I’d like to share this one… that user experience and the quality of the content bring things up to a higher level. Just this morning, I copied the URL of one of my blogs and tested it in the Scam Advisers’ websites. It shocked me the site ranked high in being credible just because it loaded fast and the quality of the posts are really good.

    • That’s good to hear Gomer. Thank you for adding your experience of quality content on my blog. I appreciate it.

  4. Good day, This Site is a fantastic example of what many,many bloggers are trying to create. What a great way to start my day. Absolutely no negatives from me, all good. I spent 20 minutes on it this morning, and I didn’t want to quit. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Mark S

    • You’re welcome Mark. Please come back again soon for more awesome content on SEO.

  5. I was super excited.  I went to the buzzsumo site you linked to in this article, and I put in a Wealthy Affiliate search term, and there was my website!  I popped right up as the second entry, how cool is that?  Ha ha.  I know it’s silly, but whenever I pop up in any search results, I can’t help but think that I’m doing something right.  How do you use the buzzsumo?  Does it help you to decide which keyword terms you’re going to focus on?

    • Hi Babsie,

      Buzzsumo is a tool for research and monitoring. Just pop in a website and it tells you the latest shares and posts about it.

      Thank you.


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