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How to Get SEO Backlinks [Supercharge Your Off Page SEO]

Learn how to get SEO backlinks in this step by step off page search engine optimization practical tutorial for beginners. Please pay close attention as I dive into the detail of SEO backlinks for off-page SEO.

Before we continue, I want to mention that if you’d like to learn SEO right from scratch, please follow the SEO tutorial guide page and move forward from there.

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Introduction to Off Page SEO

Before we start our discussion on SEO backlinks, let’s first look briefly at Off page SEO in general.

Let’s imagine we’ve created and we’re trying to rank a page on it for the keyword ‘chesterfield sofa’. Yes, sofas again. I could mix it up with armchairs, but I sense you don’t really care.

We’ve made it smooth for Google to index the whole site swiftly and efficiently, and the Big ‘G’ can now easily assess the site’s relevance to any particular industry (in this case, home furniture). It knows that the page in question is about Chesterfield Sofas because all our On-Page Optimization is tight.

We’ve made our main ranking page highly relevant to the keyword ‘chesterfield sofa’. The content on the page is very engaging, and anybody landing on the website would likely stay there digesting the media, certainly for longer than the ten results currently residing on page No.1 for the keyword.

Page Crawlability, Page Relevance, Page Engagement; that’s on-page optimization done! Give yourself a hearty slap on the back.

Unfortunately there’s a catch. I’m afraid it’s time to say “Sayonara” to the part of SEO we’ve had unequivocal end-to-end control over. Yes, On-Page SEO has been good to us.

Everything up to now has been blissfully uninvolved with any external agency or party (in the form of webmasters), but that’s about to change with ‘Off-Page’ SEO.

By the way, before I continue, I should add that a ‘Webmaster’ is anyone who owns and/or controls a website. So, to business then. Let’s talk about links.

Techniques for Building SEO Backlinks

What is a Link?

A hyperlink, ‘link’ or ‘backlink’, is an element on a web page that a user can click on to reference another web resource.

This may be an alternative page on the same website, or a page/resource on an external website.

No doubt you’ve clicked on thousands of links during your personal history with the Internet. They’ve become so commonplace that you don’t even give them a second thought.

Well, without links, there would be no Google.

This is because links facilitate the crawling – and subsequent indexing – of the entire Internet by search engines. The robots that are deployed to crawl any given website follow the destinations of every link within that website.

They then follow the links on the website they just got led to; and so on, and so on. Eventually, the whole Internet is indexed by Google through the interconnected web of links across the globe.

Why Links?

On-Page optimization apart, Google’s organic results are essentially one big popularity contest. Yes it’s prom night and your website is vying for the title of the King or Queen.

Indulge me for a moment…

Imagine Google is the Maths teacher, Mr Dexter, and he’s organizing the prom. Mr Dexter is not 17 years old, and he’s certainly not part of the intricate social dynamics of the different teen niches and subgroups.

Mr Dexter has no idea how cool Joni Stevenson is, or how popular the Chad Chaddington twins are. He just needs to order the whole school, from #loser to #cool so he can announce the King and Queen on Friday.

To do this, he relies on votes from the children.

The teenage voters in this clumsy analogy are of course other websites on the Internet, and the actual votes themselves take the form of hyperlinks (aka links).

Just like voting for a prom King and Queen, it’s essentially a system of peer graded ranking.

However, Google goes one step further and assigns a certain weight to each vote casted by the more established cool kids.

The ‘’s; the ‘’s; the ‘’s would be the cool and well-respected kids in this (rather bizarre) fictional school.

Meanwhile, Google’s not as interested in the scruffy kids, the try-hard kids, the liars, or the new kids from out of town. For these people, their votes are cast but treated with resolute caution.

These are the badly designed sites, the over-optimized pages, the Russian Bride portals, and the brand-new domains on the block.

Done with the prom analogy? Good, me too.

So, off page search engine optimization predominantly involves attracting as many votes (links) coming to your website pages from as many reputable voters (other websites) as possible.

This in turn increases your domain’s authority (DA) in Google – comprising the final piece of the puzzle in moving your site up the rankings.

The attempt to increase this authority and attract these votes defines Off-Page optimization. At its core it’s an attempt to improve a website’s link profile.

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  1. Thank you for your post, very articulated and useful as I did not really understand well the link scenario with Google but after reading your prom night example, it might have sound silly or funny but it actually helped me in truly understanding whta Google does. Thank you very much for your help

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