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Search Engine Optimization Tutorial [What They Never Told You About SEO]

This Search Engine Optimization tutorial reveals the truth about SEO for Beginners and Pros alike.

This search engine optimization (SEO) tutorial guide is perfect for beginners and seasoned pros alike to fully understand and practice SEO.

This tutorial cuts through the noise and reveals the whole truth about SEO to you. We follow the best SEO practices and use the best long-tail keyword research tool out there.

In this exciting tutorial, we start by telling you that SEO is an acronym for Search, Engine Optimization.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

It is the technique an internet marketer uses to make a website page, or the whole of the website, search-engine friendly (optimization) to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to the site, bringing it to a higher position (ranking it) in search results.

Placing emphasis on quick results, long-term sustainability, and techniques that are carefully curated inside Google’s guidelines, I will reveal everything you need to know about SEO in this Search Engine Optimization tutorial – and I will do it all in simple English.

They Say SEO is too Technical. Can I Learn it?

Yes! Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro at SEO, my blog will guide you through it all. If you’re involved in any kind of online highly-paid SEO writing jobs you certainly need to learn SEO. I know people earning up to $5000 per month in writing jobs.

Though it’s unlikely all readers will come to my blog with the same level of pre-existing knowledge, that’s not a problem for an exhaustive guide like this one.

Sections of This Search Engine Optimization Tutorial Explained

I recommend that you read everything in this tutorial, even if you’re very proficient in SEO. The reason is that I’ve put a lot of very useful information on how SEO will help you improve the whole of your business.

But if what you’re looking for is just the meat of my tutorial and how you will rank on the first position on Google, I strongly recommend you skip this introduction and move on to the main section.

Therefore, I have broken down this tutorial into four (4) distinct parts (categories). It’s your internet usage literacy and your current SEO Knowledge that will determine where you want to start.

Part 1 – Google Search console Tutorial; Introduction to SEO for Beginners; 3 Types of SEO Business Models

This part 1 of the search engine optimization tutorial has 3 sections mentioned above. It is the beginning of your SEO literacy. It has a very broad place inside your affiliate marketing business and internet marketing in general.

In case you are a straight affiliate marketer who only needs SEO to grow or if you’re so much concerned about building your business, please read this part.

Part 2 – How to Get A Higher Search Engine Ranking; How to Choose A Domain Name for SEO; On Page Search Engine Optimization Tutorial; How to Get SEO Backlinks

In this section, you will learn the rudiments of on-page SEO, and the first section off-page SEO which is about backlinks.

In this part, I provide the complete guide on how to pick correct keywords to target, and help you with choosing a domain name for your business.

If the on-page SEO of your website is not well established, then ensure you at least read the section titled on page search engine optimization tutorial.

Part 3 – SEO Content Marketing Strategy; Social Media Marketing for SEO; How to Do Local SEO

Like the headline says, part 3 is all about diving right in and really doing your off-page SEO correctly using content marketing and social media. If you have little or no idea about how to market your online or local area business, you need to read this section.

Part 4 – How to Do SEO for Ecommerce Sites; Google Penalty Checker; SEO Checklist Template

I strongly advise everyone who runs an ecommerce business not to miss this part. In this part you will get a free tested and trusted seo checklist template you can model at to rank your website on No. 1 spot on Google, yahoo and Bing.

I also recommend this part for people who are experiencing one problem or the other with their SEO, especially people whose websites have been hit by one or more Google penalties.

Finally, I want to mention that even if you have a ton of experience in SEO I do not recommend you skip this part.

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  1. The tutorial is good and thorough. I wish I knew this right from the start. I am starting to look for your other articles as I am having a hard time getting ranked. Hopefully by applying your methods, it will help me to get ranked. Thank you for this posts, I will bookmark this and share to other people too.

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    • Thank you Destiny for bookmarking my SEO tutorial page. You will find tons of SEO value from it

  3. This is a great article; informative and educative. The success of any affiliate Marketer depends on how well you can use the SEO. search engine optimization (SEO) tutorial guide is perfect for beginners and seasoned pros alike to fully understand and practice SEO. You have put everything in perspective for anybody to understand SEO..Thank you for the exhuastive explanation. I wish to read more about this on this page. I have book marked the page.

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  5. I appreciate this detailed tutorial on search engine optimization. Though I’m an SEO professional, I could pick some lessons here. So many things to learn from your site. Let me emphasize on my own experience when I needed to choose my domain name. If available, It is advisable one choose a domain name one can include the keyword in. Domain with keywords ranks higher compared to those without. I have bookmarked this post for further learning.

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  7. I recently started a website and my prayer is to get on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo! 
    The trick I am told lies in SEO and I find your Guide for beginners and Pros suitable out for me. I should be able to see some improvement after I have applied the techniques learnt from Part 2 of this tutorial. I know it won’t happen overnight but with referral to this post, I will get there. 
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