Personal Goal Setting for Success [Motivation & Goal Setting Basics]

In this module we will talk about personal goal setting for success.

This is a very important module because it’s all about setting your goals for what you want to hit (your success) with becoming an affiliate on Clickbank.

If you missed the previous module, here’s the link to it: Clickbank Success formula.


Figure Out What Motivates You

Now the most important thing of all this is figuring out what motivates you most. Is it family, money, course, traveling…?

Whatever that motivates you is what we initially want to create this goal out of.


Have the Mindset of a Goal

Now if you’re just getting into this whole affiliate marketing business with a mindset of

“oh, I just want to make some money” or

“I just want to try this out”.


You’re not going to get the same result as if you go in and say…

“I want to hit $10k a month” or “I want buy a BMW5 series” or

“I want to get this specific house”

and so on.


If you go in with the mindset of a goal the chances of you finding success will be a lot higher because you can work towards that goal.


An Example of Personal Goal Setting from My Personal Life

When I first started out online I was 15 years old. I had one goal in mind. I wanted a Range Rover. Being 15 I couldn’t get a license and my parents were absolutely not going to buy me a Range Rover.

So I pretty much did everything I could to figure out a way to buy a Range Rover. So I started to look out for other opportunities to start generating income so that I could hit my goal of a Range Rover.


I didn’t even know what affiliate marketing was at that point in time. I didn’t even know what internet marketing or Clickbank was.


This was about 12 years ago…

But I knew I had one thing that I wanted to hit and that is I wanted a Range Rover.

However, because of that goal that I set I am where I am today. I got that Range Rover. I got a lot of other things as well because I keep on creating more and more goals.


The reason why I’m telling you this is not to brag or anything, but to show you that one little goal like that has got me to where I am today!


Figure Out Your Goal

So what I want you to do is I want you to figure out what is it that you want to hit. What is it that big goal you want to hit? Is it a car? Is it traveling? Is it a monetary goal?


Write Down Your Goal

Now I want you to write it down multiple times on a piece of paper in front of you; literally like you’re were instructed by your tutor in class to do it.

“I will get a Range Rover.  I will get a Range Rover…“. Then cement this into your head. That way you have your goal set and ready to rock.


Now outlining your income goal is really, really important.


Set up Smaller Goals In Between

The biggest thing about this is you want to have smaller goals in between. Let’s take monetary goal as an example.

Let’s say you want to make $10,000 per month as an affiliate marketer on Clickbank. What you need to do is actually set up smaller goals in between.


The reason is this. For your goal of $10,000 per month let’s say you’re making say 3 sales for example, and you make $50 a sale. That’s a $150 you make. Now you’re moving forward but that’s pretty far from $10,000 a month.


Often what will happen is you’ll be so far from that goal that it will demotivate you. so you won’t be actually be able to get to the goal that you want and you will give up.


How Not Achieving Your Goals Affects Your Belief

There are two things I want to quickly talk about. They are things that I see people struggle with. You know you have the potential to be a great affiliate marketer and making income with Clickbank, right? That’s why you’re here. That’s why you’re reading taking this course.

Because of your potential, you want to take action. Whatever you take action with, you’re going to get specific result. For example you’re doing affiliate marketing with Clickbank and getting result.


Now if you make sales you’re going to get results. If you make no sales you’re still going to get result, even if it is different. Whatever the case may be, you will have result to something.


Now those results you’re going to have will affect your belief…

If you make no sales in your first round through being an affiliate marketer, testing it out, then you’re going to believe that it’s a lot harder than it really is.

And your belief is going to affect your potential which in turn is going to affect your action taken, and your result is going to be even worse! This spirals down and keeps going on and on until you give up.


On the contrary if you make sales in your first time doing affiliate marketing, then you’re going to believe it’s pretty simple, right?

So what you want to do right now is to make sure you belief you can hit that goal and that you’re going to have success.


 Outlining Your Goal Helps You to Belief

That’s what outlining is all about. You want to outline your goal so that you can believe. Shift your mindset so you believe you can hit it.

And having smaller goals in between is going to help you make sure you believe you can hit your main goal.


A Great Example of Personal Goal Setting for your Success

 my personal goal setting

If $10,000 per month is your goal, all you want to do is say

“Alright, $10k per month is my main goal. My first smaller goal is make 5 sales as an affiliate marketer on Clickbank”.


When you hit it, cross it off your list. Nice!

“I want to make a second smaller goal. My next smaller goal is make 20 sales as an affiliate marketer”.

Awesome you did it! Cross it off.


“My next smaller goal is sell a 100 products as an affiliate marketer”.

Awesome! Check that off. Remember your final goal obviously is make $10k.


The Progress Circle

Now you make your way up after you’ve seen progress. That progress is helping your belief, your potential, your action taken and your finally your result!

It goes up in a circle instead of going down and down and making you give up. It motivates you more and more.


That’s what you get when you have smaller goals in between. That way you see yourself moving forward before you hit that main goal.


You Moving Forward Motivates You

You moving forward is what motivates you to continue. I just want to make you understand that you should write down your initial or over all big goal.


Now Set Bigger Goals

Now that you’ve hit that big goal, it becomes a smaller goal. Then you can create more bigger goals from there. Don’t forget start by writing down your goals on a piece of paper.

Map it out, stick it on your fridge, put it on your computer, put it in places where you will see it everyday to motivate you to continue.


Remember, without goals, you’re just going to go out there hoping it’s all going to work. That’s pretty much what I have for you in this module.


In Week 2

Congratulations! You’ve now completed the last module of the first week, “Personal Goal Setting for Success”.

You’re really awesome to have also completed the first week of 8 of the course. How is it? How did you find it? I know you find it awesome! Great!!


In the first module of week 2, we’re going to be talking about the whole space in affiliate marketing and the basics of it.

We will also talk about some other awesome stuff to make sure you understand everything that’s involved in affiliate marketing.


This will get you ready to rock and start generating income online as an affiliate! So in week 2, get yourself ready to start doing awesome things on the Clickbank platform!

Thank you so much for sticking with us this far. When we start off in week 2, we’re going to be talking about How to Make Money with Clickbank.

16 thoughts on “Personal Goal Setting for Success [Motivation & Goal Setting Basics]”

  1. Without setting goals, we would find out that,though we would be busy, we won’t actually make any progress. To progress in life, there must be focus of our energy on a number of subjects.

    In my personal life, I set short term goals and long term goals. However, I like to set achievable goals which can keep me motivated each day.

    • That’s right Louis. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Thanks for writing this article on personal goal setting for success. I must commend you for a well done job for taking your time to write this article with your person story and achievement you shared.i feel motivated and I want to work more on my personal goal. Am still new to affiliate marketing and clickbanks but will like to try it out and see how it works for me. By putting all that is in this articles into use 

    • You’re welcome Ajibola. When you try it out let me know how it works for you.

  3. Hi there

    This is an absolutely motivating post. There is just one way to success, and that is proper planning. what I really found most important in these tips is to find what motivates you. Motivation is really key to being successful in everything you find yourself doing. The mindset is key too because if there is no positive mindset towards it, even the motivation to be successful won’t them anymore. All in all, setting and tracking the personal success goal is really key 

    • Thank you Kehinde for your comments. Let me know if you are able to find out what motivates you. I’ll be glad to have your feedback on this topic.

  4. Setting a goal is very important in life, without setting a goal it will be as if someone is dancing around the bush. Therefore,  there are several things need to be put into consideration to achieve your goal. Always find things that are motivating and inspiring in achieving your potential goals. Goals should be written down like a scale of preference in other not to forget or deviate from the goal. Remember “Determination Lead to Success” thanks for the article

    • You’re absolutely right Chris. When one id determined, success will surely come.

  5. They always say one of the greatest motivators to success is knowing your why. If your why is strong enough you would find yourself always motivated. This is absolutely true and I can personally attest to that. My why is one of the reasons I keep on going even when I don’t have the strength to.

    • Thank you Jay for sharing your experience. I appreciate it.

  6. Goal Setting is easier said than done. Most of the times I am enthusiastic setting the goal only for me to slack back even before I get to midway. I guess this is something I have to work on.

    The truth is, knowing what motivates me always gets my juices pumping. FREEDOM, to get away from formal employment and not have to worry about bills.

    Thank you for these amazing pointers, time to get real serious and set bigger goals and actually ACHIEVE them.

    • Thank you Carol for sharing your experience about goal setting with us. You can still make your goals come true if you can try really hard. Thanks.

  7. Actually, I have more than one motives. I want to make money so that I can be financially independent and help my family, too. And I want to travel a lot. Growing up, my family didn’t have the means to travel, so I want to do it now. 

    I haven’t set small goals between now and my main goals and I do realise now that it’s wrong, so I’m making the list now. I’ll try to set up goals that I can achieve them easily, but not too easily and render them meaningless.

    • Setting smaller goals as I explained on the blog will really help you to achieve your bigger goals. So get started right away and be determined this time. Thank you Kate for sharing your experience with us.

  8. I think setting goals is incredibly important for really anything you want to achieve whether it be starting an online business, or getting out of debt, etc.

    I like your idea of while it’s important to set a big goal, for example maybe it’s quitting your full time job (big goal) it’s important to set small goals along the way because obviously people in all likelihood aren’t going to just be able to quit… so you need to figure out how you’re going to get to that point by setting small goals.

    Thanks for the motivation and hopefully I figure out some achievable small goals that I can hit right away.

    • You’re welcome Josh. Please let me know about your new goal soon.


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