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Online SEO Tutorial for Beginners [Top SEO Secrets Revealed to Help Your Business]

This online SEO tutorial is for beginners. In this tutorial, I reveal the top SEO secrets that will help you and your Business. I will teach you how to rank your site to the top of Google.

Before starting this SEO tutorial, I want to mention that if you’d like to learn SEO right from scratch, please follow the SEO tutorial guide page and move forward from there.

Alternatively, you can use the navigation menu to move to any section of the SEO tutorial you’re interested in.


Will SEO Make Me Attractive, Rich, & Wildly Successful?

Yes. Okay, well maybe not the attractive part, and maybe not 100% guaranteed for the other two. But, I can tell you this.

If you get your website to the top of Google, you’ll experience growth faster than you ever thought possible, especially if you follow all the parts of this tutorial and you use an excellent SEO tool we recommend.

The size of this growth and the income which follows will then be a function of your business skills, what exactly you’re selling to the marketplace, and how good you are at selling it.

SEO is Like A Performance Enhancing Drug

Think of SEO as a performance enhancing drug. It quickly maximizes whatever the natural ceiling of your ability is – which in this case, is business acumen and product quality.

Got a substandard website? You’ll be successful. Offering a service that 20+ companies below you in Google offer better?

Doesn’t matter, people want you instead because you’re at the top of the search engine.

Got a good product people actually love? Well, light the fuse and run, because your business is about to explode into a near unmanageable cash-generating monster.

The Millennials

Online marketing and SEO matter now more than ever. A consumer’s reliance on search engines for finding trustworthy products and services is only getting more and more ingrained.

In fact, there’s an untapped demographic that nobody’s talking about, and they’re about to make online marketing (and keeping up with it) even more critical to a business’s success.

They are, the ‘Millennials’. Millennials are the generation born around the turn of the century in 2000, and they’re an online marketing oil well that’s about to fissure.

Millennials will be the very first generation ever who enter life almost genetically predisposed to buy online. Instead of watching it unfold, they’re the first group to have actually grown up in a world with Google and the Internet.

They’re the first generation who instinctively and effortlessly know how to assess a business based on the quality of its online presence. And they didn’t need to be taught any of this.

They hold no textbook on the subject in high regard. Instead they’ve been groomed over time to be the ultimate judge and jury of your company’s online marketing skill.

Get it wrong, and they’ll condemn your website to failure!

Get it right, and you’ll harness an impressionable generation drunk on consumerism.

By the time they were about 13 years old in 2013 and got their first bank card, they were different to other Internet users.

They were ready to buy in an ecosystem where all the wrinkles had already been ironed out. Believe it or not, until around 2004 Amazon took a significant number of online orders via call centers.

Not because they wanted to. Not because they didn’t have the functionality to do otherwise. It was because people didn’t feel comfortable putting their card details into a website.

Seems crazy now right?

Millennials won’t have experienced anything other than a world where buying and searching online is the norm.

By around 2025, this group will be old enough to become targets for the full gamut of consumer goods any market offers.

So, prepare to take advantage of it now by following this seo tutorial with all your heart and might.

Businesses that Do Not Suit SEO

In our online SEO tutorial, we now look at a quick summary and example checklist of 5 businesses we’ve declined to help in the past because they do not suit SEO.

Make sure you’re not in the list.

  1. Websites less than a month old.
  2. Ecommerce stores whose growth is 100% reliant on SEO.
  3. Websites looking to target keywords with few or no people searching for them. For example, ‘binary options trading classes’ with around 10 searches/month. It’s not worth the work for just 10 people!
  4. Businesses who can’t break even without SEO.
  5. Companies with a product that’s yet to be trialed for demand in the marketplace.

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  1. This is great opportunity, I learn so many things when I read this article and I have got many experience on this tutorial.

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    • You’re right Mustapha. Please come back again soon to learn even more about SEO.

  2. Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing this long tutorial about SEO.

    From your post it seems that while SEO is the key to a website’s success there are no magic shortcuts and it’s all about doing the small things right on a consistent basis. Using proper keyword research is one of the main things, I’ll definitely check out the Long Tail Pro tool you recommended.

    I’m not against working hard to get good rankings and I feel that this is the best approach. Thanks

    • Thank you Son for your insight into my article. I hope you picked a few things you can apply to your website to boost your SEO. Many thanks.

  3. Nice article there on top secret of SEO.Search engine optimization is nowadays more important than ever and it is necessary for every webmaster to understand the true meaning of SEO as well as the potential it creates for every business.reading this article I really learn some new things I don’t know about seo as a beginner 

    • I’m glad to hear you learned new things from my SEO tutorial as a beginner. Please bookmark my post so you’ll find it easy to come back again soon to learn more. Thank you Afolabi.


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