Online Affiliate Marketing [Clickbank Basics & Terminology]

Welcome to the Online Affiliate Marketing module. This is the second module of our How to make Money with Clickbank series.

Here’s the link to the previous module (module 1 of week 2) in case you missed it: How to Make Money with Click Bank 1.

Online Affiliate Marketing Basics

What is Online Affiliate Marketing?

Now, what is online affiliate marketing? You probably know already but don’t worry if you don’t know. That’s why I’ve created this module.

I asked this question to make sure you do not miss some golden nuggets in this module that you may have thought you knew that may help.

You know when I first got started learning affiliate marketing, I would go through the course one after the other.

Even if you thought you knew all the content already, you should still go through it because you might find something you’re not expecting that can change everything.

It may be just one little thing that just makes your brain think a little differently, that triggers that little spark and can be a game changer.

So even if you think you know this stuff, stick through it, study it, because there might be something in here that will surprise you.

Okay, so online affiliate marketing is essentially promoting someone else’s product on the internet and getting commissioned. It’s as simple as that.

On Clickbank, there’re tons of people who have created amazing products in so many different niches that you can find and promote.

How to Make Money with Online Affiliate Marketing Using Clickbank

Now these people who’ve created these products want traffic. They want people to essentially send traffic to their product.

So instead of them doing it themselves, they’re willing to give away a commission to you if you can send them a sale. This is how you make money in online affiliate marketing if you’re using Clickbank.

All right. Now, because majority of these products on Clickbank are digital products, they can make you really high commissions.

How Big Are Clickbank Commissions?

Now you’re probably wondering, “Okay, well if I’m going to promote someone’s product, then I’m probably going to earn a small commission, right?”

No! It’s not something like 5 or 10 percent commission.

Well, if you’re promoting a real physical product, let’s say for example on Amazon, then yeah, you will be getting a 5 to 10% commission if you’re lucky.

This is because it’s a physical product. Manufacturing costs are involved. Shipping costs and some other kind of stuff are involved which cost money.

These costs are taken out of the profit so you get a lower commission.

Whereas on Clickbank, it’s all digital products like video training, membership sites, ebooks, and things like that.

So the vendors, that is the people who own these products, can give you amazing commissions.

Now, these commissions can range from 50% (yeah, you heard me right) 50% all the way up to 75%.

This means you’re going to make more money than the actual person who created the product! How cool is that?

How to Earn Clickbank Commissions

Here’s an example. Let’s say a product sells for $100 and let’s say there’s a 75% commission for that product.

Every time someone buys, you will make $75 every time per sale from your link as an affiliate.

Whereas the product owner only makes $25, you’re making three times more than the product owner, which is an amazing thing.

So you really want to take advantage of being an affiliate on Clickbank because of these high commissions, which is really awesome.

How Much Money Can I Make Per Sale on Clickbank?

Now you’re probably wondering, well, how do I know how much money I can make per sale?

Well, if you go into the Clickbank marketplace, you’ll see that there’s an area that shows you the “per sale” commission amount, that is the percent amount per sale that you’re going to make.

See the screenshot below.

Clickbank marketplace

The marketplace will actually tell you, so you’ll see numbers like $22, $68 and things like that.

In the next module, I’m actually going to walk you through the Clickbank marketplace and I’ll show you where all that stuff is.

That way you’ll really understand it and won’t get lost at all. Okay? So I’m going to literally take you over to my screen and I’m going to show you how to find that stuff and see what it is that you’re making.

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  1. What can I say. Impressive I must say there is so much revenue to generate in affiliate marketing on click banks. 50% all the way to 75% it really a good offer. I find this article so informative and educative and I will try as much as possible to participate in affiliate marketing on clickbanks because there is no way am going to turn down this huge offer

    • Clickbank has many of such huge offers so I really urge you to make use of them to increase your earnings in affiliate marketing Ajibola.

  2. Wow wow wow…! I am brimming with absolute excitement right now. I started blogging recently, but I am only doing it to help and the niches I am working with can hardly be monetized. 

    Just last night, I hard a complete change of course. I also want to monetize my blog. I want to choose a niche and promote a product that makes real bucks. 

    And voila, I found your article and it’s just what I need. Making money on clickbank all the way….

    • Thank you Peace for finding my article relevant to your niche. I appreciate your comment too.

  3. Wonderful post and writeup. I never regret the choice I made in going into Affiliate marketing because you will never pay for advertisements that will not bring you successful sales because your affiliates only make money when they provide quality traffic. The most important part of my affiliate marketing program based on personal experiences. 

    • That’s right Michelle. Affiliate marketing is the best internet marketing model for any one.

  4. Some people think once it’s a topic they are conversant with they don’t look inward again but thank you for this piece. The digital selling makes it less stressful. The cost of shipping and transport on the marketers side has been cut off and this is very good. Some may say that you don’t earn much like amazon would give 2-5% but this is still better for me.

  5. I’m very much interested in this click bank marketing, I think there is a huge potential for me to make substantial profit from this enterprise. I’m a bit worried as to how I’d attract traffic to the product I decide to market. I’m following your teaching Astro at a time, and I’m impressed by your simplicity.

  6. Clickbank is loaded with lots of amazing features just like the Admin described. If you also don’t have time and energy and don’t have money to invest, the most effective way to gain is to become an affiliate for promoting the products of Clickbank. You don’t have any cost. Thumbs up guys. 

    • That’s right Chrome. Affiliate marketing is good for people who do not have money to invest.

  7. This was a useful and actionable article on just what online affiliate marketing is and specifically how ClickBank can be tapped into to earn affiliate commissions. I use that affiliate platform myself and can verify that there are many products that you can promote.

    The only caveat that I would add is that the prospective affiliate should carefully check the product to make sure that it is one that matches with the image that you are portraying to your target audiences. There are some that you will find do not stand up to close scrutiny as to their worth.

    This holds true for all products that an affiliate marketer may consider promoting, so it is not meant as a negative view of the ClickBank platform. As I said, I promote products that are sold there and have no problem getting paid. There are many ways to make a living using affiliate marketing, and most certainly it requires low investment to get started.

    Thanks for the great writeup, you are leading people in the right direction when it comes to making money online I think!

    • I really appreciate sharing your experience with me and my readers. I quite agree with you that 
      checking the products to ensure that they match with their images is very important for the target audiences.

      Thank you so much Dave for sharing insight.

  8. Hello, firstly I would like to commend you for this informative article about click bank. Personally i have never seen clickbank in this light before, didn’t even think it’s something that looks this easy to do as I have always thought the process is a long and complicated one. You have really enlightened me and I’m definitely gonna give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re welcome Seyi. I will do more in the near future.

  9. Hi there

    Thank you for this information. This is one of the best and well-articulated posts about online affiliate marketing I have seen. Clickbank still remains one of the biggest affiliate markets to make money. But learning how to make and maximise profit on it still, remain the biggest challenge. Making up to 70% is really huge for me. So I’m gonna learn from this post to make money through Clickbank. Thank you for this info

    • Thank you Kehinde. Clickbank is the only company that pays as huge as 70%. That is why I like them.

  10. Wow! There is nuggets of helpful knowledge in here. I must commend this information there as is really solving some problems in affiliate marketing. I can categorically say that earning big is possible in clickbank as all these tips in the article is followed diligently. The ads advertisement, clickbank commissions are great things also to go for. Thanks for sharing this helpful information.

    • You’re welcome Topazdude. I will do more soon.

  11. Thanks for this article, I really learn a lot from this article. I have registered on clickbank several years ago but didn’t have much idea but it, with is your article am gonna dick out my clickbank account again. First I thought clickbank only deals with physical products and I was worry about shipping and all the rest and that’s the reason I even leave my clickbank account dormant. Thanks a lot.

    • Clickbank deals with only digital products for affiliates so please activate your Clickbank account and start earning big.

  12. Hi,

    This is a great informative and educative article with lots of information about online affiliate marketing. I have seen many articles about affiliate marketing but your article is different and represents the important basic concept about affiliate marketing and click bank products. I think that many beginners will find a helpful concept to make their decision on joining those affiliate marketing opportunity after reading your article. I am going to share this article with my friends and family member also. Thank you for writing this helpful tips for us.

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