Niche Research for Clickbank [Updated]

In this module we’ll be talking about how to do niche research on Clickbank. So welcome back to the course.

In the previous module of week 3 we discussed how to find your passion in business.

Now we’re going to be talking specifically about how to research niches that you’re passionate about on Clickbank. Well, those 20 things you wrote in the last lesson are called niches. This is what we call niche research.

This will help you figure out which one out of those 20 niches you wrote down in last lesson is the best niche to get involved with. You’ll also learn what’s the best technique to use to figure out which one it is that you should be focusing your time on.

By now, hopefully, you have your 20 niches that you really love sitting in front of you and you’re probably saying, okay, well I have 20 niches I really love, so how do I pick the best one?

Well, there’s a few ways to go about doing this. But what I want you to do first is take your niches that you have and start to do some competitive research on Clickbank. Clickbank has a marketplace of 10,000 plus products at your disposal.

Basically what you should do is look for what products are doing the best on Clickbank and see if you can find them in the list that you have. We already covered how to find hot niches on Clickbank in the 4th module of week 2 titled Successful Clickbank Products.

How to Find Top Clickbank Products

Once you have your list ready, just go to Clickbank marketplace
to find the top (most popular) products on. Do not enter anything in the search box.

How to Find Top Clickbank Products

Just click on that magnifying glass icon on the right side of the search box.

Remember this is what you learned in module 4 of week 2: how to pull up the top products on Clickbank that are doing the best for you to promote as an affiliate.

top products on Clickbank

Now I want you to go through the first few pages, maybe like the first 5 pages of these most popular products to see if any of them matches any of the niches you wrote down on your top 20 list of things that you’ve loved.

Every time you come across a product that matches a niche on your list of 20, I want you to put a little check by it. Simple! This way you can start to see which one is the most popular on Clickbank.

Now, after looking at all these products on the Clickbank marketplace, to know which one’s the right one for you, just take your list and see which one has the most check boxes by it.

That’s going to actually show you which one out of your top 20 niches that you love to do is the best for you to be getting into on Clickbank. Okay? And that’s the first thing I wanted you to do.

How to Find the Traffic Volume for Your Chosen Niche

There are other things I want you to do as well. Now, you’re going to learn how to use one keyword research tool today. The Alexa keyword tool, Ubersuggest and Google Keyword tool are among the most popular free tools available online.

It is the Google Keyword I want you to learn first. There are 2 reasons for this. It is completely free and is easy to use. However, both tools are great platforms that allow you to see how much traffic is going to a specific website.

Any of these tools will help you to see if a niche is really worth getting involved with. The Google keyword tool is going to tell you how much traffic is going towards specific keywords.

Now, let’s say you’re really passionate about diets because it was the one that ended up getting the most check boxes on your list when you were comparing it to the other products on Clickbank.

How to Use the Google Keyword Tool for Niche Research

What I want you to do is sign in to any of your Google accounts such as Gmail. Next, search Google for “Google Keyword Planner” or just visit the Google Keyword planner page.

Login so that you can access the keyword tool.

Google Keyword Tool

Choose the “Get search volume data and forecasts” option.

search volume data and forecasts box

You can enter in the box one or more specific niches like “paleo diet”, “paleo”, “caveman diet”, “abs”, “muscle” or anything that refers to your niche that you want to get involved with.

Make sure you enter one niche per line, although I have entered just one niche (Paleo diet) for our example. See above screenshot.

Click on the GET STARTED button.

Before you view the results, go and click the “Locations” menu near the top of the page and enter your country in the big box that pops up.

locations and language setting

Also click the “Language” menu and enter “English” in the box that pop up because we are targeting people who speak English in the United States. See the screenshot below.

locations box

Click the SAVE button. On the next screen show below, click on the “HISTORICAL METRICS” link.

forecasts result

Now see how much traffic the paleo diet niche gets every month in the screenshot below.

historical metrics

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  1. I learned so much from this article. I just started my second site–I wish I had seen this first! Oh well, I have some confidence in the niche and now with your tips, I’ll be able to find lucrative things to promote.

    I have never used the google keyword planner before. I’m a little confused by it as it wants me to create an ad campaign, so maybe I’m not understanding well what it is. I’ll be checking around on your site for more articles on the keyword planner because I’m very interested in trying that out!

    • Thank you for reading my article on Niche research for Clickbank. Please come back again soon for more updates.

  2. Thanks for sharing this article on niche research for clickbank. I must commend your effort in putting this article together to share with us. I am a newbie in online business and affiliate marketing. But I found your article interesting and informative in guiding me to choose my niche and also the right traffic for my site. I will follow your guide as I navigate the online business world. You really did a great job.

    • Thank you Brent for reading my guide and finding it useful. I hope to see you again soon on my blog.

  3. Thank you for the post. This guide in niche researching is really incredible and I’m so curious about the other lessons you are teaching. I have a lot of niches in my mind but it is really hard to know what should I focus. Thankfully, you have guided me and now I know what to work on for the next days. 

    • Thank you Vincent for reading my Clickbank guide today. I appreciate your taking time to read my posts on Clickbank and SEO.

  4. Hi thank you for sharing this excellent article about ClickBank research and niche’s. I have learnt something new today so that’s always good. 

    I have been using Clickbank for two months now without a clue what I was doing. 

    Now I know to come back to your website when I need help. 

    I loved the tip about using the most popular items. I have just been typing items in the seat bar. No wonder I am not making any sales 

    Is it worth using any of the filers to narrow down my search for items?

    Excellent work and keep it up. I look forward to more tips soon. 

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    • Hello Matthew. I really appreciate your finding my Clickbank tips helpful. Now you will do better on Clickbank with tips I put here. Please contact me if you still need further help.

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    Being an Affiliate marketer I do focus and learn about new products in order to benefit myself and also to promote. “How to Find Top Clickbank Products” is a greater help because your walk-through on how to find top clickbank products is very helpful.

    Great information, you have really given a lot of value here and I am bookmarking it for future reference.

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