Introduction to Affiliate Marketing [The Core Idea]

You’re welcome to this introduction to affiliate marketing.

If you’ve not read the beginners guide (course content), you should go there to look at the course detail. Here’s the link to the beginners guide: The Complete Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing.

It’s the first module of your internet marketing course. I’ll tell you soon how to get all the basic things you need to start your affiliate marketing for you free.

However, you may want to invest some money later in the course to scale up your income, when you are already making a living out of affiliate marketing.

Now, I’m really excited you’re here to start your course. I’m about to walk you through exactly how to find success on affiliate networks like Clickbank with being an affiliate.

In this introduction to affiliate marketing, we will be focusing more on Clickbank because it is the largest affiliate network in the world.

Clickbank however is a digital marketing platform because it does not sell physical products unlike Amazon, Ebay and a few others.

So as a Clickbank affiliate you do not need to worry about shipping and inventory. All you need to do is recommend a vendor’s product to people. This is much of what you in your promotion as an affiliate.

Most of what I will talk about in this introduction however is pretty much the same in many other affiliate networks.

The Core Idea Around Affiliate Marketing

The first thing you need to know is that on Clickbank there’s an affiliate section and a vendor section.

clickbank vendor

Clickbank vendors are people who create their own products and sell them on Clickbank. However, they seek the help of Clickbank affiliates to promote and sell the products.

Clickbank affiliates on the other hand, promote and sell products that are placed on Clickbank by the vendors we just talked about.

If you are a Clicbank affiliate it is your responsibility to drive traffic to the offer (the product you are selling) and generate sales. You will then get paid a commission every time you make a sale.

Affiliate Links

All products on Clickbank are tied to affiliate links. We will discuss more on this shortly. It is much more time consuming to work as a vendor but it’s so much easier to work as an affiliate.

So if you’re just starting your online or internet marketing, you’ll discover it’s so much easier to start as an affiliate. So you can jump right into it once two important tools you need are ready.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

These two basic tools you need are a website (which you can get for free or pay for it) and an auto responder to collect your website visitors’ email addresses. We will talk about these two things in later modules.

It is on your website that you will place affiliate links that Clickbank gives you. Whenever your website visitors click on any of your links, and proceeds to buy a product within a given time frame, you receive a commission directly from Clickbank!

That’s what I want to discuss in this introduction to affiliate marketing for today.

In The Next Module

I can’t wait to dive into everything about affiliate marketing with you. In the next module, we will be talking about Affiliate Internet Marketing Plan.

We will also be talking about what you’re going to be getting from this blog over the next 8 weeks on this blog.

If you’re excited to really start right now, let’s go to the next module: Affiliate Internet Marketing Plan.

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  1. Affiliate marketing is simply about discovering problems people have, and finding a suitable company with a great solution. You get affiliated with the company, and sell products of the company on behalf of the company. It’s a very easy concept, and so far, I believe it’s the most profitable business online.

    • Thank you Louis for your insight. I appreciate it.

  2. This is one of the simplest article I have ever read that talks about the introduction to affiliate marketing. You really broke it down in a way anyone can understand. Very easy for a newbie to know what affiliate marketing is and also for some that think they know, after they read this article then will they understand that they need more knowledge

    • Thank you Linus for your review of my topic. I will write more about Affiliate marketing again soon.

  3. Hi please am an artist who loves to diversify , I have been hearing about affiliate marketing and I have been advised severally to engage in one. I really don’t like to be scammed, I always look out for things like online marketing because of its rate of scamming activities. Please which of the the affiliates marketing would you recommend?

    • starting with Clickbank is great Destiny. you can definitely get training on the Wealth Affiliate as well if you’re a beginner.

  4. Hello,

    This is a very interesting and informative article abou how Clickbank works. I have recently began developing my own website and looking for more information about  Affiliate Marketing, so this post really helped me a lot. I may be considering checking Clickbank platform.

    So, thank you for letting me know about Clickbank.

    • You’re welcome Mariana. Looking forward to seeing you come to my blog again.

  5. Nice introduction. There are many benefits in affiliate marketing when the right approach and mindset is employed. However e-commerce sites helps the process alot but I don’t know why a platform like clickbank allows the sale of so many fake or unrealistic products. Just concerned about that.  I like ckickbank but I still don’t like somethings about it.

  6. Affiliate marketing is a very complex industry, especially for beginners like me, who don’t have the prior knowledge of how the internet works. Having this article written is a great way to introduce the niche in such a way that it doesn’t overwhelm the readers about the basics of it. 

    Instead, the you did the great job in harnessing the topics by batch to keep the information in tidbits to prevent info overload. Rather, the posts as I can see are divided into chunks from the lesson 1 to the next. From there, I commend that initiative on behalf of us readers, who are looking forward to learning more from you. Kudos!

    • Thank you so much Mercy for your commendation of my work. Please visit regularly to complete this course on affiliate marketing.


      Don’t forget to contact me if you need further help.


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