How to Increase the Conversion Rate for your Affiliate Product [Updated]

Today, you’re going to learn how to increase the conversion rate for your affiliate product – the product you’ve chosen, and that you’re ready to start making money with.

In the previous (last) module of week 3 we discussed Best Clickbank Products to Promote on Facebook.

This module is called Affiliate 101. So in this week 4 of your Affiliate 101 course, you’ll not only understand how traffic works, you’ll also learn the whole concept of how to send the traffic, where the traffic comes from and how it turns into money.

In module 2, we will discuss how to build out squeeze pages. So our discussion this week is all about building a long term business for yourself through affiliate marketing. If you have your notepad ready to rock, let’s dive straight into it!

Understanding How Web Traffic Works for Affiliates

First I want to really make sure you’re in this affiliate marketing for the long term. This will help you make profits for the long term, rather than just short term profits.

To do this I have to change some of your perspectives concerning affiliate marketing.

For example, a lot of new affiliates think that when it comes to affiliate marketing, all they need to do to make profits is send traffic straight to their affiliate offers.

Unfortunately affiliate marketing will not work for you this way, especially for the long term. This is not the techniques that most successful affiliates, say on Clickbank, are using to find success.

2 Methods for Sending Traffic to Affiliate Offers

There are 2 methods you can use to send traffic to your affiliate offers.

Method 1 (Not Recommended): Send Traffic Straight to Your Affiliate Link

affiliate traffic funnel

In this method ,you essentially take the affiliate link to the product you’ve chosen to promote, and send traffic straight it. That’s simple but here’s the issue.

Now let’s say you know one good way to drive traffic.

Then let’s say you send 100 people to your affiliate link and that the product only converts at around 2 to 3 percent. Okay?

That means 2 or 3 people out of 100 people only are going to buy your product. But what happens to the other 97 or 98 people who came to the actual link that you sent the traffic to?

Well, you lose out on those people and that’s not good!

What you want to do is to really leverage your traffic as much as possible when you have the traffic and that’s one of the most important things in affiliate marketing.

Method 2 (Recommended): By Creating An Email List

email list building

What the successful affiliates do is they build up a long term business for themselves by creating an email list. So you need to have an email list.

Now, the reason why having an email list is so important is because you can market to these people (your traffic) over and over again. You don’t just market to them once.

So if you’re just sending traffic to your affiliate link for the product, you have one opportunity to make that sale. Compare this to if you collect their email addresses before they even see your offer.

For example, supposing you’re in the weight loss niche and you’ve built a squeeze/optin page on your site.

Squeeze page sample
A sample squeeze page

You can simply say…

Enter your email to get 3 free tips on how to lose weight”.

In this scenario, you give them some free and useful contents or information in exchange for their emails, right? And afterwards you can promote your affiliate product by sending your affiliate link to them.

You can use this method to build your own list, which is going to grow more and more over time.

Now by communicating through email broadcast or campaign, you can market to the people on your list over and over again. Now you’ve destroyed the chance of just blowing 97 to 98 percent of the traffic right off the gate!

How to Boost Conversion Rate with your Email list

Having a squeeze page is a great way to collect the email addresses of people who have shown interest in learning more about your affiliate product.

This gives you the opportunity to get up to the industrial standard 30 percent opt in rate, that is up to 30 percent of people come to your squeeze page will subscribe to your mailing list.

Now you’ve collected 30 out of the 100 people that see your squeeze page.

Now that these people are on your lists you can provide them with good, valuable content, or give them awesome information.

Then you can promote to them over and over again, and this will boost your conversion rate with time.

So when you promote through email campaigns, the chances of you making more money are way higher and you will have a long term business because that list will grow over time.

Here’s the link to a very good resource you can use to learn how to make money in email marketing:

How You Can Make Money Online Without Selling.

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  1. Good honest review.  I just joined WA and am excited to start the journey.   Would you say Clickbank is a necessary step for affiliate marketing?   At what point did you go “all in”?     

    Nice Clean site.  Easy to navigate and read.  Thanks for all your insight.  I hope I too can be successful one day! 

    • Sure you can be successful Zach. Clickbank is only one of the ways of making money in affiliate marketing. There are others like Amazon, and even the Wealthy affiliate you’re in.

      Thank you for appreciating my site. Please visit again soon.

  2. Thanks for this great article on how to increase your conversion rate for your affiliate marketing/product.  From your analysis email is better than sendimg Traffic Straight to Your Affiliate Link. sendimg Traffic Straight to Your Affiliate Link gives you an opportunity to sell once but with email you can sell again and again and follow up with your prospects too.

    So when you promote through email campaigns, the chances of you making more money are way higher and you will have a long term business because that list will grow over time which means more conversion!

    Thanks for sharing

    • Thank you Jaykay for your comment. I quite agree with you.

  3. Hello, I appreciate your input on how to increase our conversion rate. Right now my main focus is on creating content; I have not yet gotten serious about promoting any product at this time. I know that’s the goal, but I first will like to build that traffic and then that rapport with the readers. 

    I thank you for letting me know how important an e-mail list is. I look forward to you showing us how to set it all up. 

    Thank you for your informative post, 


    • You’re welcome Jose. Best wishes to you.


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