How to Sell Used Books on Amazon for Huge Profits [Watch Video]

You Can Outsource the Entire Method for Hands Off Passive Income

Outsourcing book selling on Amazon

If you take a look at victor in the above screenshot, you can see that he says once you have the system down, you can outsource the entire method for hands off passive income.

Victor goes on to say I like making money while I’m catching the Blue Jays playing against the Cleveland Indians. It’s the best. And you can see he had already made a $255 that day while watching the game because he’s got it outsourced at this point. Pretty cool!

Another Example (Another Book Profit Opportunity)

Trade in book on Amazon

The above screenshot shows another book opportunity. Do you see anything right now on the screenshot that stands out for you?

When I zoomed in and looked at this specific book. I noticed we can buy this book for $45 and 90 cents. When you look over to the right, you’ll see where it says trade yours in for $132.

In other words we can trade it in for $132 if we buy the book for $45 with free shipping. We will send it in to Amazon, and they’re going to pay us $132! By my math, that tells me we’re going to make $86 and 43 cents profit on this book by simply trading it in.

So let’s break this down because again, I know it sounds crazy. So what exactly are we doing with method number two here? We’re buying a textbook from a third party seller on Amazon.

second method on how to sell used books on Amazon for huge profits

Now remember, we’re not buying from Amazon directly. We’re buying from someone that has put the book for sale on Amazon, whether it’s an individual or a book business or something like that, right?

So we’re buying a textbook from a third party seller on Amazon. We’re getting that book in, and then turning around and shipping it to Amazon through their trade in program for a higher price.

The cool thing about that is Amazon is actually paying for shipping, right? They provide a free print packing label and packing slip when we send it in. See a sample in the screenshot below.

Amazon's print packing label and packing slip

So we’re buying a textbook from a third party at a low price. We’re getting it, putting Amazon’s prepaid label on, then shipping it to them through their trade in program.

We’re going to get paid instantly on that and we’re going to pocket the difference. That’s it. Right?

And that is kind of a snake in the grass method for being able to just look at two numbers and profit.

Here’s an example of how easy this is. We have a 10 year old little girl doing this.

A 10 year old learned how to sell used books on Amazon

Her Dad was nice enough to send this picture to us. There she is, sitting at her kitchen table generating really good profits by just taking advantage of the trade in opportunities.

A Nearly Zero-Risk Method

How to sell used books on Amazon is a nearly zero-risk method

This method is nearly zero risk. Let me show you what I mean by that. You know, if a book is going to be profitable before you ever have to buy it, right?

In the other method, you have to buy the book and you’re pretty sure it’s going to be profitable when it sells. This one, you know if it’s going to be profitable before you ever buy it because you know right now for a fact, for this example, we can buy the book for $45.90 and we could trade it in for a $132 right?

We don’t even have to invest any money or pull out our wallet or our purse or any of that until we know for a fact we’re going to be profitable. That’s powerful.

How many times would you buy a stock for $45 if I told you as soon as you buy it it’s immediately going to be worth $132? Will you do it immediately? I bet you’ll do it over and over as many times as you could! That is the power in this method.

What if the Trading Price Goes Up or Down?

Amazon book trading price goes up or down

I know what you’re thinking. Okay, that sounds really good, but here’s the problem. What if I buy the book and then the trading price goes way down before I get it into Amazon?

So for that last example, I buy it for $45 but instead of $130 maybe Amazon changes what they’re offering for that book down to $20. Does that mean I’m going to lose money?

Nope! Guess what? The trade in price going down is not a problem for us because Amazon locks that trade in price down for us for 25 full days!

Okay? We don’t have to have it shipped or actually don’t even have to have ups scan it for 25 full days. So even if after we claimed the trade-in Amazon drops the price, the time they get our book doesn’t matter.

They’re still going to honor that higher trade in price they initially gave us. That’s really cool. So our trade-in prices are locked in. That’s another reason this is an unbelievable method.

What if I buy the book and then the trading price goes up before I get it into Amazon?

how not to lose when trade in price goes up or down

But hang on a minute, it gets even better. What about the flip side of that? We really can’t lose with this because if the trading price goes up, guess what? We can simply cancel our current trade in, claim the new one at the higher price and get that extra profit.

No penalty, no problem at all, right? So the price going down doesn’t matter. We’re locked in. If the price goes up, cool, we’ll cancel and climate the new price. So this is a win-win! We can’t possibly lose, no matter how that trade in price goes, whether up or down.

Peter did $29k in profit selling used books on Amazon

As you can see from above screenshot, we can actually buy more than one copies of the same book and trade them in.

Too Good to Be True! Why Would Amazon Do This?

Right now I know what you’re thinking. Okay, this is amazing, but wait a minute. This is almost too good to be true. Why would Amazon do this? This doesn’t make any sense. Why would Amazon allow that to happen?

We’ll remember what I kind of hinted at it earlier. Amazon is just the middle man here.

We’re not buying it from Amazon. Remember, we’re buying it from someone that has posted it for sale on Amazon. So they’re loving it because anytime we buy something, Amazon gets a seller fee from that seller, right?

So it’s not Amazon selling it. We’re buying it from someone else on Amazon. And they also aren’t the final buyer on the back end. They’ve already got a book dealer that’s paying them more than what they’re paying you for the trade in.

So if they’re offering you $100 for a trade in, they’re already selling it for, I don’t know, may be $120 or whatever it is on the back end. So they’re making money when you buy, cause they’re not the ones selling it and they’re making money on the back end too!

We Find Even Cheaper Books Outside of Amazon

Amazon isn’t always the most profitable site. What I mean by that is many times we can actually find cheaper books to buy outside of Amazon or some other stores.

And Amazon doesn’t care where you get the books whether you had it from college or if you found it at a local store, or if you bought it from some other website, they don’t care.

A lot of times we can actually find cheaper used books to buy outside of Amazon. So we can start our search with other book sellers like, PowellHalf Price Books and so many other places that sell books.

But we can take it a step further than that. Not only can we find a place to buy the books cheaper than Amazon, a lot of times we can find other book websites that are willing to pay us higher trade in values than Amazon is willing to pay us.

You Can Also Trade in to Other Places Outside of Amazon

We can find it cheaper outside of Amazon sometimes and also trade it in to other places that’ll pay us more than Amazon. And there are hundreds and hundreds of other booksellers.

I’ll show you a specific example of someone like Jennifer and other state home moms.

Jennifer, a stay-at-home mom made $1.8k profit in her first 5 days

She made $1800 profit in her first 5 days doing trade-ins, most of them being outside of Amazon. So Amazon’s great, but this method is way bigger than Amazon!

How We Get Paid for Our Trade-ins

I know what you might be saying. Hey wait, I try to look for some trades and I found the catch. Aha! I knew this was too good to be true. Amazon pays in gift card credits!

how to get paid in amazon trade-in program

Amazon pays us in gift card credits. That’s the catch. You can’t possibly spend, you know, $500,000 worth of Amazon gift cards, right?

Well, here’s the fact. There’s several things you need to understand about this. One is Amazon is the only website that pays in gift card credits.

Remember all the other sites I talked, like the ones Jennifer is using. All of these other sites pay in cash. Amazon’s the only one that pays in gift cards, but it does not have to be where you want to do the majority of your trade-in, so it doesn’t really matter anyway, right?

You may not do Amazon trade-ins if you don’t want and still do very, very well.

However, you will want to actually get paid in gift cards. Here’s why.

why we want to actually get paid in gift cards in Amazon trade ins

We can easily convert that gift card balance into cold, hard cash and still profit while we do it. There’s also massive tax benefits to it. So there are absolutely huge benefits that Amazon does pay us in credits that way.

But if you do get some Amazon gift cards, how do you convert them and profit while doing it?

How to Convert Amazon Gift Cards to Cash & Still Profit Doing it

Check this out. This is really cool.

how to convert Amazon gift cards to cash

In order to convert those gift cards to cash, we use the credits to buy more books on Amazon.

In other words we’re kind of draining that gift card balance, and then taking those books and reselling them with method #1 on Amazon. And when you sell books on Amazon, they pay you in cash. Okay? So that’s the first way to do it.

Another way to do it is to use the gift card balance on Amazon to buy books again, but then trade them into third parties, which all pay in cash.

The third way to do it is of course to just to avoid trade-ins with Amazon completely. You just use third parties because they all pay in cash. So the catch is actually a giant benefit.

How We Find so Many Profitable Books to Trade in

Well, obviously we’re not just going to go searching Amazon pages after pages manually, and then go to third parties and look at pages after pages. No!

The solution is our custom software that finds the trade in deals for you (click here to learn how to get it). So what I want to do is show how you can use our custom software to get to these crazy trading numbers you’ve seen these other folks doing. But I will give you another software.

Here’s a link to another online arbitrage software (with 21 day trial and video tutorials) that helps you find profitable deals. There’s yet some other ones.

There’s a couple browser extensions like TextTrader that you can install on your Chrome browser to find profitable deals. Search Google and install it.

How to install Texttrader extension on Chrome browser

It’s going to analyze all the books that are profitable. It’s going to hide the ones that are not profitable based on specific conditions that we put in.

Here’s the link to a tutorial on How to find books to flip on Amazon.

And it’s going to give us totals for potential profit. Going to do a lot of things for us. It’s going to link up other websites where we can buy the books, potentially even cheaper.

How to Join us & Learn How to Sell Used Books on Amazon for Huge Profits

As you can see it’s never been easier to make passive income online flipping books on Amazon and other places. I have given you enough detail on how to sell used books on Amazon. So I believe you can now do this on your own.

Now, you can use the link below to join our community to know how to sell used books on Amazon. You will learn how to make way bigger profits than you make using other software. We will train you to become a professional book flipper.

With our training I promise you’ll start making huge money your first few days like many of our folks do.

We have a members-only Facebook group, a private group that you’re going to have the chance to get access to. Our group is amazing. Everyone is so helpful. We’ve created a fantastic kind of start to it.

In our community there are people making $1 million plus with the methods explained in this training. So if you’ve got any questions, or if you run into a roadblock our community is there to back you up as well.

We did over 80 customer interviews recently. Every single one of them said their favorite thing about our community is the Facebook group and is the most valuable thing for them. We’re so super awesome.

If you have questions or concern, or you need further help, contact me immediately. I will respond in 12 to 24 hours. I promise.

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