How to Sell Used Books on Amazon for Huge Profits [Watch Video]

Let’s Dig A Little Deeper

If you look at the actual listings for this book, you can see we bought the cheapest one at $7.3, but there are others right below it like $20.90, $20.91, $20.94 and so on.

We know we’re going to be able to sell it for $174 so why not buy all these other ones if we can? So if you actually look at the listings for this book, there are two pages worth of the listings of these non-prime offers.

A listing of non-prime offers

All of these will be profitable for us to flip until we get all the way down to the last non-prime book (last check mark in the above screenshot). That’s like close to 150 bucks. We just won’t make enough on that one. So we stopped there.

When you add all of the ones we want up, that is over 19 copies of the book that we can buy and flip. So we don’t have to just stick with one copy. We can buy multiple copies.

If we buy all 19 of those at the listed price, non FBA (non-prime), we’re going to spend about $1,100 buying those books. However, if we sell all 19 of them, we’re going to generate $3,300 in revenue.

And after all fees, our total profit is going to be $1,626 on one book! Super simple!

All we’re doing is buying non-prime and sell it for prime, buying multiple copies, and make $1600 profit for one book.

So that is how you can see people like Patrick getting to that $424,000 or doing $1 million a year. It doesn’t take too many of these books to make a lot of money.

Okay, so that’s the basic concept. So now the question is, all right, that sounds easy, but how do I find these books, right?

How to Find Cheap Books to Flip

So how do we actually find the profitable books without walking into physical stores?

Obviously, we’re finding the deals online, as I talked about earlier. All right, so let’s go take a look at how we’re actually going to find these books.

Clearly we need a faster, more profitable way to do this. If we’re going to get members like ours making $52,000 or more for a single month, clearly we will not be clicking around (manually searching Amazon website) until we finds a profitable deal, right?

We have to have a better way to do that. So here’s where something awesome comes in.

How Our Custom Software Helps us Find Profitable Books Very Fast

We have built some custom software to find the books for you way faster than if you do it manually or even use other similar software online. Here’s the link to send request to join us and get access to our own custom software.

The reason you’ve seen some of our folks getting up to really big numbers is we gave them access to our software and guarantee that if they take action they will make at least $10k a month or about $333 per day.

Let’s see if we can make our goal for today to get to that $10,000 a month. So let’s look to see how the software finds the books for us.

The screenshot below shows the dashboard of the software.  This is where we use the custom software to find the profitable books. How does it work?

how we use our custom software to find the profitable books

Here’s a link to a demo video tutorial that explains how we use the software to generate $333 per day.

Well, we have a gigantic database of tens of millions of books that are on Amazon and we store tons of data about each book. What that allows you to do is go in and set certain search criteria.

When you click the search button,  the software goes out and does what would be many hours worth of searching and research, and pulls back all the profitable ones for you automatically.

So it’s super powerful and it does a lot of things, but I just want to give you a very simplistic demo here so you can see how quickly we can get the profits. Now remember we’re trying to get to $10,000 a month or $333 a day profit.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Okay, Yeah, but aren’t we all kind of looking for the same books? Oh no! First of all, we’re a small team as at the time of writing (July 2019).

Secondly, this is a $20 billion market. There’s no way any one person could buy all these books and make all the profit. Thirdly, every one of these results that the software generates change all the time.

So in another couple of hours, if we rerun the same exact search, we would get different books. Remember how huge Amazon is. So the opportunity is gigantic.

But here’s the cool thing. As always, it gets even better! You’re probably thinking, yeah, but this sounds great, but I don’t want to have to ship books or open books and package books. Am I going to do that out of my house?

You Never Have to See or Touch A Single Book

You never have to see or touch a single book

Here’s the cool thing. You never have to touch a single book with this method.

Here, we’ve actually given you the ability to set up with a book processing center that will receive the books for you, open and inspect the books, repackage the books, shipped those books into Amazon or any other destination where you’re selling them so that way, you don’t have to touch a single book.

Basically you buy the book, have it shipped to the processing center, they do all the work and ship it out for you. If you use the service we recommend, they’ll charge you anywhere between $1 and $2 a book, no brainer.

Then you don’t have to touch a book, nothing. It’s automated. So if you’re international folk, and you’re wondering, well how am I going to buy a book and ship it from Australia or England to USA, or wherever you are, and back?

You don’t have to do that. You just have it shipped to the processing center.

Book processing center

They handle it all. So not even having to touch a book is a huge benefit to this method. So let’s take it a step further. It gets even better!

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  1. Wow! Isn’t this just great. The level of income, the success rate, the easiness attached to this work and everything else just speaks of success. I think it’s high time I got out of my comfort zone and get things going with this. The success rate is simply awesome by just selling books and I’m not sure most people are aware of this yet, so this would be a great way to get things up and running for me. Thanks so much for sharing this

    • You’re welcome RoDarrick. Please visit my blog again soon for more awesome topics like this.

  2. Thank you for this eye-opening post. I buy all of my books from Amazon and usually always used. I cannot believe I never thought of this.

    I also love the thought of automation and outsourcing.

    It’s definitely something to add to my growing online business.

    Thank you very much. I’ve bookmarked and will be sharing this post with my husband. He’s into all things Amazon FBA. 🙂

    • Thank you Jade for bookmarking my post. I am publishing another great topic like this again soon so please check back more often.

  3. This is the first time that I heard of Arbitrage. Is this a dropshipping platform? I would love to make that much money in a week, that means I can finally leave my job for good. So, what is the catch with the software? How does it work? I need more information before I am committed to something. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Nuttanee,

      When arbitrage is done online it can also be called dropshipping. Arbitrage is often used in relation to physical stores.

      The software is used to find very cheap that would be good to trade in at very high profit. Please watch the video again or just join our community for more detail of how it works.

  4. Wow I never thought you could do this and turn a profit. I knew the difference of FBA and FBM but never thought it was something you could monetize. It’s amazing what people can do with just internet nowadays. You really opened my eyes on this and it’s a topic I will certainly look deeper in the future in case I consider diving a little deeper into it. Thanks for all the info you provided.

    • You’re welcome Stratos. Thank you for taking time to go through my post today. Please feel free to dive in to it and come back soon for more awesome topics like this.

  5. It’s quite amazing knowing this opportunity, in fact, it’s my first time seeing such an opportunity and I’m really skeptical about things like these. 

    How true is this and how can I learn more about this so that I can also earn income from it?

    I will really like to hear from you at your convenient time.

    Have a nice day.

  6. Hi Lawal,
    Your post makes me happy. It’s truely an awesome and helpful article. This business would help me to earn extra money. It’s not very tough to work here. It’s really perfect for me as I have not much idea about SEO, software, adds and next more. As it needs only a computer and internet connection, I can work on this platform. And there is another plus point for me to work here is that I can work from any place in the world. I like this job very much.
    Thank you so much for sharing such type of helpful post with us.

  7. I first came across this a few days ago. I remember it is from Clickbank itself.

    Their system is easy to understand. hehe.

    🙂 I just want to share my viewpoint about their strategy. I followed their basic and foundational method of making money off of Amazon. I found some used and cheap books from a third party-> and than resold the books as a seller on Amazon website. Easy and profitable!

    It’s very simple too.

    Their customized system does almost 95% of the job. What I do is just looking on Amazon online book store-> find a few text books that have potential to sell quickly-> click on the customized software system button-> see the profit gap provided from their system -> decide which profit gap I wanted to have for a day-> decide how many books I will buy-> how much the profit gap is there for RESELL-> find the same ISBN in the local bookstore or the online third parties like Abebooks-> buy them-> and then send back to Amazon and resell with the mark of “Prime Book” 


    My first impression: this system resells older books very well-> To me, it’s another good way for building a long-term online business.

    Anyway, it’s the best opportunity for making money online. The sky is limitless 🙂 -> Just about individual choices. 

    • Thank you Gnekoda for sharing your personal experience with the system I enjoy it too and could not wait to share such a profitable business with my blog readers like you. Please visit my blog again soon for more awesome discoveries like this.

  8. I’ve always known book flipping can be profitable! I was doing the calculations and wondered, “Boy, would this be a brilliant idea” and then your site popped up telling us how. Out of curiosity, will I take a longer time to make start getting sales since I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to Online Business and terms? 

    • Hi Riaz,

      Give it a try and you find it very easy to make money with, speaking from experience. It’s a cool way to make money online.

  9. This is quite an interesting read! I’ve read each word in each of the 4 pages. 

    These are amazing figures and I couldn’t help but ask myself why I’ve never thought of this before. As an aspirig Amazon Seller (stuck with some few old stock currently :)), you can be sure my eyes sparked with interest when I saw that screenshot from an Amazon Seller’s Dashboard with such attractive sales while the seller is enjoying watching a game somewhere. 

    What I’ve tried before is to sell popular products on Amazon that 3rd party sellers are competing for but without a Prime label- I’d look for suppliers or wholesalers of the same products but now ship to Amazon as FBA. Problem was getting the suppliers/wholesalers to open an account for me. So I stopped this.


    Boniface from AndroidBix

    • I highly appreciate your comments Boniface. You can get started for free if you join through the link in my blog.  Let me know if you need help.

  10. I really enjoyed your article on book flipping. I haven’t for once though that such could be an opportunity, a huge one, to make a difference financially. However, I will like to know more about the program by joining your community group, to interact with other folks who have been making huge money from this. But, as I opened the link linking to your community group, and I tried to register for webinar, it’s not loading beyond 75 percent. I really need to start this on-time before people will start massively joining the program too.
    Please, how can you be of help on this matter.

    • Hi Isaac Ademola O,

      Thank you for your comment and question on my website.
      Normally our community takes new members at the beginning of the year and open to take new members for only 3 months. So we closed at the end of March.

      But I can help you register you with the member privilege I have.

      Membership levels are set based on the number of books you would like to sell.
      The more books you sell the more money you can make. Generally members make between $10k to $200k per month.

      Below is our current membership fees for anyone to join:
      1. 1 to 10 books per month – $99
      2. 11 to 50 books per month – $199
      3. 51 to 100 books per month – $299
      4. Above 100 books per month – $499.

      Let me know if you have questions.



  11. I made my payment with paypal for the book arbitrage program. I must confess that the program is really very awesome. I found you guys in an ebook on amazon. Anyway I got your welcome email and setup instructions in about 24 hours. It’s a mere 3 weeks now after I started selling used books recommended by their wonderful software and I’ve already made $13750 in pure profit. I highly recommend this business of reselling used books to anyone who wants a cool way to make money with Amazon FBA. It’s almost hands-free since I started. Many thanks to the admins.

    Best regards,

    P.S. If you’re not giving me the training at least give me my money back

    • You’re welcome Alex. We really appreciate your participation in our arbitrage program. We look forward to seeing more of your testimonies on my site.


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