How to Promote Affiliate Links to Your Email List [Tested & Trusted Techniques]

In this tutorial you will learn how to promote affiliate links to your email list and boost your conversion rates. If you follow these tested and trusted techniques, you will excel in your affiliate promotion.

I will explain simple ways to get even more clicks from your subscribers and sell the affiliate products that you’re promoting.

In the previous module of the course (module 1 of week 6), we discussed How to Get Good Email Open Rate from your subscribers. Specifically we talked about how to get your subscribers to click and open your email.

Offering Bonuses

affiliate bonus offer

Let’s say you’re selling an affiliate product, which, as discussed in the tutorial How to Find Your Passion in Business, should be a product that you’re passionate about.

Now how do you make sure your conversion rates are sky high and you get them to actually buy through your affiliate link? Well, one of the techniques I’ve used to achieve the greatest success is offering bonuses.

What is A Bonus in Affiliate Marketing?

A bonus is essentially something your people get from you when they buy the product that you’re recommending.

So what you should do is tell them you’ll give them a bonus (something of value or something extra) if they take action and buy through your affiliate link.

Now, maybe you’ve seen this before, maybe you haven’t but a lot of affiliate marketers do this out there.

If you’re familiar with email marketing, you may have seen something like this: “Hey, if you buy this product, I’ll also give you this free report which is going to do this and that”.

From my experience, I discovered that giving good bonuses enhances the chance of your subscribers buying through your affiliate link because it gives them an extra reason to do so.

Giving Bonuses Helps During A Big Product Launch

Now let’s say there’s something like a big product launch going on right now. There’s  usually a bunch of affiliate marketers sending out emails to promote a specific product through their affiliate links.

It happens quite often in affiliate marketing that most of your subscribers are also subscribers of other affiliate marketers promoting the same product as you through their own affiliate links.

How then do you get your subscribers to buy through your own affiliate link instead of buying through the links of some other affiliate marketers?

Quite often, subscribers will buy through whoever has the best bonus to offer.

Even if you do not find yourself competing in a situation like that, still the same thing goes for when you’re just sending out an email to promote your affiliate product.

If you offer a great bonus, something of value as your affiliate product, the chances of them buying will increase.


Example of Great Bonuses I use for Promoting Affiliate Links

Here’s a list of examples of great bonuses or extras you can give your subscribers to promote your affiliate links.

Free Reports or Ebooks like Pdfs – Give your subscribers free reports or ebooks that offer great value.

For example a pdf that gives helpful information relating to the niche of the affiliate product you’re promoting, or that explains how to do something in your niche.

Free videos or Audios – Tell your subscribers you’ll give them one or more free videos or audios that you created, or that someone else created if they buy a product through your affiliate link.

The videos should help them solve a problem that you know they have.

Discounts – Show them how they can get discount on the product.

One on One Training – If you know something of value that your subscribers do not, you can offer a one on one training to teach them.

A bonus doesn’t have something extraordinary. It doesn’t have to be a very crazy thing. It just needs to be something that gives them great value and a reason to really buy through your affiliate link.

You can learn more about affiliate marketing bonuses here.

How to Promote Affiliate Links Without Sounding Desperate

Now, when you go ahead to promote your affiliate link and offer great bonuses you never want to sound as if you’re desperate.

The reason is that if you sound desperate, a lot of the times your subscribers will see you as “pushing” them to click your link and buy the product, as if you’re kind of doing everything you possibly can to make them do it.

The best way to sell a product is to obviously give bonuses or some free contents, but you must be casual about it.

Here’s an example of how to promote affiliate links to your subscribers (obviously use your own niche).…

Hey, I came across this product. It really is great. It has to do with training your dog with sitting. I thought you should check it out. It’s a great video. Here’s the link. Go Watch it”.

As you can see, the above example is casual. I did not even mention the link was an affiliate link. I did not sound “pushy” and desperate either.

Avoid saying something like this…

Hey, I came across this product. It’s going to change your life. So click this link right now to get it before it’s gone.”

That’s a little bit pushy.

Avoid saying something like…

“If you buy this video, I’m going to do this and that”,

or saying,

“You have only a few moments to grab this offer before it’s too late”,

and so on.

Instead, say something like…

“This video is really awesome. I thought you would really like it”.

Here’s another good example:

If you can gain access to this product as soon  as possible, I will also give you this free video that I created as a little bonus. Thought it would help you out as well”.

How to Deliver the Bonuses

affiliate bonus delivery

Apart from knowing how to sound casual in your emails and keeping it simple when you’re giving them something more of value, you should also learn how to deliver your bonuses.

Many times when I’m sending out emails to promote my affiliate links, I’ll say…

“After you’ve claimed the product, please send your receipt to this email address…”.

 and I put my email in there. Most of the times I create a Gmail specifically for this promotion.

So have them send the receipt to your email so you know they purchased it and then you can send them the bonus.

Recap of What You’ve Learned so Far

1. How to promote affiliate links to your email list using tested and trusted techniques. All you need to do is keep it very simple and very casual. You just want to not come across as desperate.

2. By offering little bonuses of value, you’ll enhance the chances of them buying through your affiliate links and the conversion rates will sky rocket.

In The Next Module

In the next module (module 1 of week 7), we’ll be talking about how to set up Aweber account, which is where you’re going to be collecting emails, and how to send out email broadcasts and follow ups. I’ll talk to you again there.

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  1. What an useful post! I would have never thought of bonuses in this context. However I should really think of something I could use as a bonus in my niche. So how I see it it should be something made by me, right, since I can’t provide a discount on the merchant’s account? Wow, affiliate marketing has so many levels I have never thought about.Thank you for the information! 

    • You’re welcome BudgetTravel. Visit my blog again soon for more affiliate tutorials like this.

  2. Hi

    I really enjoyed this article as it is such an important issue for affiliate marketers, as you want your email clients to click on it and buy it, but at the same time not sound desperate or needy. I found all the advice on the article to be practical and very useful.  With  all you other articled on the subject it is promising to be very profitable for email marketeers.

    It seems that you need to give something to get something back. Just out of idle curiosity, which email advert company do you recommend.

    Thank You


    • Hi Antonio,

      Thank you for your contribution to this topic. To answer your question I recommend Getreponse if you are a beginner in affiliate marketing. You can also use Aweber though they are a little more advanced.

      Please visit my blog again soon.

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    You have a really good website here. My mailing list is something I really should be spending more time on. I think I have been concentrating on other areas, as I feel that I don’t want to be too pushy. But, using the techniques and phrases you have highlighted, has given me some ideas. Thanks for that. 

    • You’re welcome Tom. I will be publishing more awesome topics like this again soon.


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