How to Outsource Work in Affiliate Marketing [Step By Step Tutorial]

In this tutorial you will learn how to outsource work in your affiliate marketing business. This can be some marketing content that you want to send to your subscribers but you don’t want to do yourself.

In the previous module of the course, we discussed How to Make Money from Email List. So today we will look at how to outsource contents like ebooks, audio and videos that you want to send as free stuff to your email list.

What is Outsourcing in Affiliate Marketing?

In affiliate marketing, outsourcing is the practice of hiring other people popularly called freelancers, or other companies, to do some work for you.

Is there a way to go about doing that? Well, yes, there’s actually a way you can outsource your work.

There are services online where you can hire freelancers to produce some content, such as write up a pdf ebook for you in a certain niche, or even create a video for you.

A lot of people think, oh well if I’m going to have to go hire someone to get the work done, it could be very expensive.

The great thing about outsourcing is that you can get it done for very cheap.


Best & Cheap Outsourcing Websites

There are a couple different websites out there where you can actually get things created for you for very cheap. For example, you can check out websites like Upwork and Fiverr.

Now the reason that these services are out there is they can do all sorts of work for you very cheaply. For example you can get certain things like ebooks created for you on Fiverr for just $5.

Still you can beat prices down if you have a large volume of work to outsource.

For example, if you outsource to the Philippines, you can get awesome high quality English articles written for very, very cheap. There are times when I pay $10 for a great 2000 word article in perfect English and very high quality.

Of course there are freelancers who charge a lot more and others who charge a lot less than that.

I’ve been outsourcing for years now and I’ve really figured out that there are great people from all around the world that you can outsource to for very, very cheap now.

Why and When to Outsource Your Contents?

Most people think that the only reason for outsourcing their work is to save them time and headache of having to do the work by themselves.

There are other reasons for outsourcing and this is probably your best bet. Let’s say you want to create some contents that you want to send to your list.

Unfortunately the contents are related to niches you don’t know much about. You can simply outsource it to someone who is very good in that niche (someone who knows a lot about it), and have them create the contents.

That way you won’t have to research it all by yourself. So just find someone else who’s an expert in that niche and outsource it to them.

There are a couple other reasons for outsourcing. For example, you can outsource when you’re on a break, or when you’re busy with other things that are more important to you, and so on.

You can also outsource contents like videos because you’re too shy to put your face to a camera or because you do not have a camera and other tools you need.

It may also be because you simply lack the know-how or the experience to produce quality work by yourself.

How to Pick Good Freelancers for Outsourcing

Do you know how to pick very good freelancers to outsource to? On websites like Upwork and Fiverr you can use reviews. You can basically go out there to check some freelancers’ reviews. By checking their profiles, you can see if a freelancer has reviews or not.

Fiverr freelancer

You will see some star ratings and feedback or comments left for them by the clients they’ve worked for.

upwork freelancers

Ratings and feedback of a freelancer are great indicators to tell if they’re good for you to hire and outsource to or not.

Upwork feedback

There are many other outsourcing websites and there’s tons of people out there with awesome reviews that you can check out. But Fiverr and Upwork are the two most popular places to go about outsourcing. Those two are the cheapest routes.

If for example you want something like a quick 15 second or 30 second video, you know, or half a page article or something like that for your email list, Fiverr is a great way to get there.

If you want to outsource an ebook or you want to outsource a very long video content and things like that, Upwork is the better place to go.

So those are the two companies that I highly recommend you going out there to outsource.

When Outsourcing May Not Be Good in Affiliate Marketing

There are certain cases when you should not outsource your work. For example if you want to brand yourself. It is much better in this case to put your face and talk to the camera.

This will very likely get you the best results from your email list, give you an awesome brand at the same time, and also help you build a very good relationship with your list.

However, if you know too little or nothing about the niche, outsourcing is totally fine as well. I do that with many niches that I don’t know much about. I simply outsource and still have awesome results and build great relationships with my list.

Some Exercises for You to Do

Now that you know how to outsource work in affiliate marketing, I have good news for you!

You just completed week 5 of your course! Congrats! But I have some exercises for you to check your progress.

The first exercise I want you to do right now is to create some free content. Play around with writing some stuff down about your niche, and then shoot a very short (like 1 to 2 minute) videos of yourself talking about the niche.

Then play the video to see how you look and talk on camera. Don’t be shy! just play around with it.

At first it might be a little bit weird if you haven’t been on camera before, but if you just play with it and, you know, joke around and just have fun with it, you’ll get more comfortable as you go.

Then send the video to me to check for you. I can tell you if it’s good or not. If it’s not so good I can tell you how you can improve it.

The second exercise is I want you to outsource some content. Like a topic in affiliate marketing you know too little about. Go to Fiverr or Upwork, find a freelancer who claims to be good in that niche and who has awesome reviews.

Spend a little $5 to $10 to get some content you can use now or in the near future for your affiliate business.

Check it out for quality. If you like it don’t forget to send it to me to check. Also leave a rating and feedback for the freelancer.

If the quality of the work is below your expectation, you can ask them to improve it.

In The Next Module

In the first module of week 6, we’ll be talking about How to Get Good Email Open Rate from your email list. I’ll see you on the inside of module 1 of Week 6!

6 thoughts on “How to Outsource Work in Affiliate Marketing [Step By Step Tutorial]”

  1. Hey there, I really like the idea of outsourcing work in affiliate marketing and I’ve considered doing this for a while. I’ve actually tried freelancing sites like Fiverr and another site called SEO Clerk, but the quality of articles I’ve gotten weren’t up to par. I looked for native English speakers to write for me but it seems like writers who can write in perfect English cost much more. I haven’t checked out yet so maybe I’ll try that… But I can definitely see how outsourcing work in affiliate marketing can free up time so you can work on other projects.

    • Hi Son. Always select freelancers with 4 to 5 star rating when outsourcing next time so you can get quality work done for you. You can also try for more experienced site. I’ve tried that site several times and have never been disappointed.

  2. This is a great idea! It can save you so much time.  But the question I have is they won’t sound like you, so you will probably have to edit a lot to get your writing to sound like your work.

    And it must be a bit hit and miss with quality writers, not just anyone can write you know!

    You would need experience in the subject to be able to come across passionate and captivating.

    Maybe when I’m a bigger blog I will look into this further, but until then I think I will do the blogging.

    Thanks for the tips.

    • Thank you Kris for your contribution. Editing the work completed by a freelancer is a good idea but if it’s going to take a great effort or so much time, there’s another way out.

      You can give the freelancer a copy you wrote by your self so they can know your style and tone of writing before they start the work in the first case. This way the article will sound  like it was written by you.

  3. Good Morning Lawal,

    I read on your About Us page that you started following your passion in 2005. You continued working hard and then, in 2013 became successful. It does not happen in a day or two but you show it is possible. 

    How to outsource work is new to me. I am amazed that hiring services at Upwork and Fiverr are so cheap. A good article with 2000 words for $10 and an ebook for only $5, that is very cheap and I wonder how those people make a living.

    The idea of somebody making a video for me is good as I do not like how I look on photos or videos.

    At the moment I am still doing all the writing myself but your tips could come really handy for the future. Thank you for this information.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Thank you Taetske for you comments. From my experience I don’t think your audience will worry about how you look in videos and photos, so long as you deliver what you promised them. With time they will get used to you and it will not matter to them how you look.


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