How to Make Money with Clickbank [Introduction]

Today we will look at how to make money with Clickbank. This module is the introduction to week 2 of your affiliate marketing course.

Here’s the link to the previous module (module 4 of week 1) in case you missed it: Personal Goal Setting for Success.

I am very excited you’re here right now. We will start week 2 by first looking at what affiliate marketing is.

You may already know what affiliate marketing is but we will be talking about affiliate marketing basics to make sure you really understand it all.

The reason is that you need to understand it before you go take action.

What is the Clickbank Marketplace?

We’re also going to cover this week what the whole Clickbank marketplace is.

We will navigate to the Clickbank marketplace and look at how to find products. We will answer questions like:

What are the best products on there?

How do you know what are the good products to promote?

All that kind of stuff which seems pretty basic is actually very important and is going to help you a lot with finding success on the platform.

What are the Most Successful Products on Clickbank?

Also this week we’re going to be covering what the most successful products on Clickbank. Why they are successful? How do you find them to promote?

The are some secret things you can do inside of the marketplace to find some of these products on Clickbank. We will be revealing it inside of this week.

What I want you to do right now is get ready with your notepad out and start to take notes.

In the Next Module

We will be talking about affiliate basics which will help you to understand better what affiliate marketing is, how you can take action and make money with Clickbank.

Once again welcome to week 2.

Go to the next module, Online Affiliate Marketing right now to get started.


18 thoughts on “How to Make Money with Clickbank [Introduction]”

  1. What can I say than wonderful topics to watch out for in your next sure many are going to find each and every information in the those post you are going to be releasing helpful to start up and utilize to make money on clickbanks as an affiliate marketer. Before now I do hear about how clickbanks is been use to promote will really be a great opportunity for me to learn how to make money from it

    • Thank you Ajibola. Looking forward to seeing you in the next module of the Clickbank course.

  2. Great article! I must commend the insight from this post. Thanks for sharing this helpful information on How to Make Money with Clickbank. Clickbank is a great earnings place online especially for affiliate marketer. And I support that there are some secret things you can do inside of the marketplace to find some of these products on Clickbank. Good great information is really supplied in those link in the article. Thanks.

    • You’re welcome Topazdude. I hope you found value in my post.

  3. As a newbie in the world of affiliate marketing, I’ve heard a lot about click bank, but I’ve not had the time to understand the nitty gritty if this program. I know it is a marketplace where affiliate marketers find products to promote, and I can’t wait for your module 3 which will hopefully teach me how to profit from click bank..


    • My article is particularly relevant to newbie like you. So I hope you’ll continue to follow my posts on how to make money on Clickbank.

  4. I love Clickbank, I’m using it for a while now, when I started my affiliate business. I have lots of choices to choose from, and for me the best thing are the recurring payments for me, since I’m in the fitness niche, this is a very good option. Now, of course you have a lot of things to choose from, you explain things good, and I’m pretty sure this helps people! Thanks for sharing it with us. 

    • You’re welcome Emmanuel. Wish you success in your affiliate business.

  5. Hi there

    This must be of the best education I’m gonna get about how making money on clickbank. I have been struggling to register on click bank because It has been telling I can’t in my country. Please, on your next module, you need to add the solutions on how to tackle problems like this. I am glad I met this post 

    • Thank you for your comment Kehinde. I’ve noted your request and will surely give you detail of how to register on Clickbank from whatever country you come from.

  6. “How to Make Money with Clickbank” is a great write up on how one can make money on clickbank? Clickbank is an affiliate marketing program that was founded in 1998 and has more than six-million clients worldwide. I started my online journey with clickbank and I was able to make some small money until I found the “golden pot”; wealthy affiliate!
    I look forward to the concluding series, maybe I can go back!

    • Thank you Jay for sharing your experience with Clickbank with my readers. Looking forward to seeing you visit my blog for more Clickbank articles. Thanks.

  7. I have always wanted to use Click bank but didn’t really know where to start.  Thank you so much for your guideline but unfortunately my country is not among those countries listed in Clickbank. I hope someday they will put it. Your guide will go along way to help people make a living online.

    • Hi Rutz,

      Thank you for finding value in my article. I will definitely cover the aspect of registration of new accounts on Clickbank any time soon.

  8. Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a must for everyone to read and digest. I’m a newbie in affiliates marketing industry but looking for ways to maximize my income, this clickbank will be of a great opportunity for my earnings. I will bookmark this page for other related post. Thanks for the review 

    • Thank you Adamu for bookmarking my blog. It’s an inspiration for me to write more awesome content about Clickbank for newbies in affiliate marketing like you.

  9. Well I’ve seen clickbank has to do with affiliate marketing. This is a very insightful blog post, an eye opener. Especially when questions like “what are the good products?”, “how do you know the good products to promote?” are raised and answered. I think every reader after going through this piece will have something to take out of it even as an affiliate marketer.  Indeed no one knows it all, thumbs up!! 

    • I appreciate your finding value in my discussion about making money with Clickbank. Thank you so much Peter.


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