How to Get Good Email Open Rate [Definitive Guide]

Learn how to get good email open rate and click through rate in your email campaign in this tutorial. You will also learn how to write the perfect swipe for your campaign in this first module of week 6 of your training.

In the previous module of the course (last module of week 5), we discussed How to Outsource Work in Affiliate Marketing.

What is A Swipe?

A swipe is essentially the copy you’re going to send out to your list, which is one of the most important parts of all the tutorials of this week.

It’s not only knowing how to get your subscribers to open your email that’s important, you also need to know how to make them click on your affiliate link inside the email, and take action like buying the products you recommend.

The Little Secrets for Getting Good Open Rate from Your Email List

These little secrets that I will reveal have been tested over the years. They really helped me get good email open rate and click through rate from my subscribers.

So I’ll be giving you all those secrets so you too can start using them as well. It is basically about how you can send free content that you learned about in the first module of week 5.

Even if you have all this great free content, it doesn’t matter if no one opens your emails, right? I mean even if you have all the coolest stuff in the world, it does not matter if no one sees it.

So that’s what we’ll be discussing this week, that is how to write that perfect swipe and how to get your subscribers to take action.

Email Marketing Dynamics & Concepts

good email open rate from subscribers

These secrets I want to unveil for getting good email open rate depends on the whole dynamics of email marketing and your understanding of the whole concept of it.

The reason is that you’re sending emails to people who have probably signed up for other things and get tons of emails already. So what you need to do is you need to stand out.

You need to make sure that your emails are something that they look forward to, that they want to open. Your emails must not just get lost in their inbox.

What happens to many email marketers a lot of the times is that they would create these emails and they just get lost and not delivered to their subscribers’ inboxes. Sometimes they are simply ignored by subscribers.

Put yourself in your subscribers’ shoes. You have a separate email that you use for signing up for newsletters, and you check it every once in a while.

Now what happens is that you have so much stuff in your inbox that it’s so hard for you to read everything. So some emails just get overlooked or something like that.

So what you should kind is how you’re going to really make them open your emails.

The Email Subject Line is the Most Important Thing

The most important thing that gives you good email open rate is the subject line of your email. It is what your subscribers see before the email is actually opened. It’s the most important part of an email by far.

The subject line is everything because if the subject line is bad, no one’s going to open the email. It’s going to get overlooked. So the subject line is very important.

How to Write Very Catchy Email Subject Lines

There are different things you can do to make your subject lines noticed by your subscribers when you send them emails.

One of my favorite things is using power words to begin or using colons in my subject lines. Here’s a few examples of the power words I often use in my subject lines (best practices):

  • Important:”,
  • Discover…
  • Top…
  • Urgent:
  • Re:
  • Introducing…
  • Jaw-dropping…
  • Latest…
  • Free…

You can Learn How to Successfully Use Email Marketing to Increase Your Online Sales and to also help you increase your email open rate.

Power words like I just mentioned intrigue subscribers. They make your subscribers feel like, “Oh this is interesting. I should open this”.

For example, because your subject line says it’s important they would feel like opening it to check it out because of that reason.

Power words get people to kind of think outside of the box and be like, oh wait, I should probably check out this email versus everyone else.

Here’s another example. A subject line like “These 3 Awesome Ways to Train Your Dog Will Blow You Away” will get a higher open rate than something like “3 Ways to Train Your Dog“.

Make the Readers Curious

curious email subscriber

Another thing is you want to make the reader curious. So having a question in the subject line is always a good thing.

For example, ”Did you get this earlier?

Chances are they’re going to say, “oh, maybe I got it. Maybe I didn’t”. I should open this.

Making your subscribers curious is one of the most important things because if you’re curious about something, it makes you want to see what’s inside.

So curious statements perform much better than just regular statements in subject lines. So things like “This video Can Change your Life Forever?”,  and things like that.

The point I’m trying to get across is adding a question mark at the end always help to get them curious, and this is very, very important.

Get Inspiration from Magazines & Newspapers

magazine and newspaper headlines

Now, here’s another thing you can do (something I always do). When you go to the supermarket, go near a magazine stand.

You’ll notice there’s a lot of magazines or newspapers that have catchy headlines. Those headlines are stuff that are written by copywriters for newspaper and magazine companies.

The whole point of magazine or newspaper headlines is they need to get your attention while you’re walking past or standing in line at the grocery store so you can pick it up.

It’s the same thing we do in email subject lines. You will use the subject lines to get the person’s attention when they’re on their email.

So go into a supermarket to read some headlines on popular newspapers and magazines and take notes. That’s a great way for you to figure out a great subject line for you to use.

Obviously your niche may be different, but you can take some of the same characteristics from there and add it into your own subject lines.

An Exercise for You to Do

Here’s a great exercise that I want you to do. Get a piece of paper and start writing down subject lines that you think are good from sites like,, or wherever these different news companies are.

Go to their websites and see what headlines they’re using for their stories that they have and use kind of that same concept in your subject lines. All that stuff will help you.

Remember the most important part of all this is make the person curious and make them want to open your email.

With the opening of your emails, you will be able to get people to actually click to get your free content and actually buy something through your affiliate links.

In The Next Module

In the next module of week 6, we’ll be talking about How to Promote Affiliate Links to Your Email List. I’ll talk to you again there.

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  1. Thank you for addressing this concept in your tutorials. I have personally been struggling with beginning an email opt-in campaign but with your pointers I think I feel more comfortable with it. I appreciate all the hard work you do helping new comers like me learn the ropes of affiliate marketing. Cheers!

    • You’re welcome Shannon. Feel free to explore my site to learn more.

  2. Wow what an important topic, email click-through! It’s not enough to simply send an email that will get ignored or deleted immediately, so this post truly is helpful. Thank you for describing a swipe as this is very important to email marketing. I totally agree, excellent, free content is only as good as far as its reach. Great point saying that the goal is to stand out. Emails and mail for that matter are so easily discarded into the trash. Subject lines and curiosity are also great things to consider. I will be checking out your posts further, well done!

    • I agree with your views Pentrental. Please come back again soon to read more awesome posts like this.

  3. Your article contained very important points that many affiliates ignore or simply don’t know them. One I like is the subject of the email. The word that triggers me to open an email is  “Re:” It makes me extremely curious about where is the reply coming from, this subject always do its job on me. For the other subject suggestions, I think many people started to realize that emails with these subjects hold some promoting materials. One should be very creative when choosing the subject for the email since the competition is strong and people are receiving tons of similar emails that holds the same subjects over and over again. 
    Thank you for the article it is informative and helpful.


    • You’re welcome Fadia and thank you for your suggestion.


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