How to Create Squeeze Page [Video Tutorial]

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create squeeze page using one of the most popular drag and drop editors called the Clickbank Builder.

First, we will talk about what a squeeze page is and then go ahead to discuss how the Clickbank builder can help you create the most converting squeeze pages.

In the previous module we discussed How to Increase the Conversion Rate for your Affiliate Product.

In the video below, William explains how to create squeeze page using the Clickbank Builder – a builder made by Clickbank itself. The builder eliminates any coding or designing.

A squeeze page (otherwise known as an optin page) is a word used to describe the web page where you collect email addresses of potential subscribers in exchange for something.

As discussed in the previous tutorial, the main purpose of collecting email addresses is to promote your affiliate products from Clickbank to your subscribers, right?

So the squeeze page is the page where they’re going to enter their emails to receive something of value from you. That thing of value could be a free report, for example, free tips for losing weight.

It is important that you make sure the free content that you give them is related to whatever it is that you’re going to be selling as an affiliate.

Make Your Squeeze Page Simple

simple squeeze page
Simple Squeeze page

The main thing about a squeeze page is you want to keep it simple and not over complicated.

A lot of people think you have to have a great design to make a squeeze page convert. Unfortunately no!

Avoid all sorts of bells and whistles in your squeeze page because often times they complicate things for you, making the conversion rate a lot less.

In my affiliate journey, I’ve tested a lot of things on squeeze pages and discovered that the highest converting squeeze pages are often the pages that have the least content on them.

For example, here is some sample texts that I used for a squeeze page that converted well for me:

“Get 3 free tips on how to train a dog”.

 “Enter your email right to have it sent to you right now”.

That’s it!

Something as simple as that will convert a lot higher than having a bunch of headers, a bunch of images, or a bunch of texts.

This is because when people come to your page, you want them to focus on one thing: to enter their email and move on!

Copy A Squeeze Page That’s Already Proven to Work

copy a proven squeeze page
copy a proven squeeze page

Another really important thing is you want to copy what’s already working out there.

A lot of people that I’ve seen try to reinvent the wheel. They try to create something that hasn’t been done before.

When you do that you’re often giving yourself less of an advantage than when you just copy what’s working.

There is something like the Clickbank builder which allows you to build awesomely designed squeeze pages that are simple, proven to convert very well and don’t give you the ability to even add an images and all that kind of stuff.

The Clickbank builder was designed to help you stick with what’s working and what will get the highest views to your squeeze page.

The Clickbank Builder was designed purposely to make building squeeze pages very simple. So it gives you the opportunity to do the same and not mess it up by adding other things in.

So when you login to the Clickbank builder and use it, you’re going to see exactly how to build your own squeeze page.

You’ll see there’s not very many things you can do to mess it up. Your conversion rates will still be high because the builder gives you a structure and a format to follow which is pretty much what you want to do.

Make Your Squeeze Page Similar to Your Competitors’

Another thing that’s very important when building a squeeze page is using your competition’s idea to make yours similar to theirs.

When you visit your competitor’s website, you’ll notice they probably have squeeze pages set up for the traffic that comes to their websites.

Use what they’re already saying on their squeeze page to make your squeeze page similar to theirs. Chances are they’ve already tested it, and used it to drive a lot of traffic to their product.

So copy what they’re saying and add it to your squeeze page. Remember, keep it simple, don’t over complicate it. A squeeze page is basically a few words for getting yourself traffic.

You send people to your squeeze page, have them enter their emails and then from there you can send them free content and promote your affiliate offer.

Build A Relationship With Your Email List

Relationship in building email list
Relationship is important in list building

You often hear internet marketers tell you to “build an email list”. But in my affiliate journey I discovered that where the most money comes from  to affiliates is not just from their email list, but from their email list of customers!

Most super affiliates make the bulk of their money from the repeat sales they get from their existing customers. The best way to make repeat sales is to build an email list of customers.

And you can only do this if you first build a relationship with your email list. The Clickbank builder makes it really easy for you to do that as well.

How the Clickbank Builder Helps You

Clickbank builder platform
Clickbank Builder Platform

Using the Clickbank Builder means you don’t have to go out there and actually buy your own domain. Neither do you need to get hosting.

You don’t have to get a designer or know how to code or anything like that. The Clickbank builder does all of that for you.

As you can see in the above video, it’s a simple drag and drop editor and is all connected with Clickbank itself.

The above video teaches you at Clickbank’s Optin Page Training Center step by step how to create squeeze page using the Clickbank builder for your affiliate product that you’re going to be selling to your list.

A Recap

In this tutorial, we have learned:

1. How to create squeeze page for collecting your email list

2. The importance of having a customer base. You should not just build an email list. Instead, build an email list of customers.

I handed over my screen to William who walks you through exactly how you can build your squeeze pages with the Clickbank builder and shows you everything that’s inside of it.

In The Next Module

In the upcoming tutorials, we’ll be talking about what and what you can send your list, what types of free content you can send to build a good relationship with them.

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4 thoughts on “How to Create Squeeze Page [Video Tutorial]”

  1. Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on teaching how to create a squeeze page.

    I’ve heard that term “squeeze page” so many times but never knew what it was, now I know. I really like your tip where you mentioned to copy what your competitors are doing, like the saying says “good artists copy, great artists steal” which I think holds true here.

    This is a great way to build an email list if done right. I run a blog in the camping gear niche so I think I could make a squeeze page of something like “Top 3 Places to Camp In The USA” or something like that. Thanks for the article.

    • You’re right Son. Doing what your competitors are doing right is the best way to build squeeze/optin pages. Thank you very much for your opinion.

  2. I have seen the clickbank builder in action and I have to say that you are very right on how it works. It makes building squeeze pages very easy because all you have to do is to just click, drag and drop. It is so easy to operate that almost anyone can make use of it.

    Building a squeeze page has never been this easy. I have also seen the type of squeeze pages a lot of people build and they just over complicate things. You just have to keep it simple and make them focus on getting what they want and putting their email in the email box. 

    One does not have to reinvent the wheel. Having ideas from what your competition is doing is a really good idea because like you said, their squeeze pages have already been tested and are proven to work.

    • I agree with you absolutely Jay. Please visit my blog again soon to learn more about affiliate marketing.


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