How to Create Quality Content for Website & Email List [Video Guide]

Learn how to create quality content for website and email list in the video below.

In the previous tutorial, I showed the process of Setting up Aweber Autoresponders Step by Step.

If you’re wondering how do you get quality free content for your website audience or for your email list, I will show you a very simple way in a few minutes.

Obviously you can create your own free content or even outsource it if you want. However, you should avoid using spun articles if you do not want search engines to ban your site. Your audience too won’t like reading spun articles because they do not sound natural.

One option you’re left with is to write your articles yourself.  But what if you don’t know too much about the niche? What if you want to collect a lot of awesome free content for publishing on your site? What if you want to over deliver to your email list?

Use Search Engines to Research Free Content

What you should do is use tools like Google or other search engines to figure out what’s the best free content out there in your niche.

Because these tools are out there for you to leverage, it’s just a matter of minutes for you to quickly and easily find so much free content you can put together to publish on your site or schedule out to your list.

Rewrite Free Content in Your Own Words

Then basically you must change your content up by rewriting it in your own words. This way you can create unlimited free content for your website and email list.

Now obviously you should pick a niche that you are passionate about –  something that you really enjoy or that you really love.

The thing is that you may not know much about it, or you may know a little bit about it. But if you’re passionate about it, you can provide awesome, unique and valuable content for your website or list by rewriting your free content.

No only that, you also want to be able to consistently do that for a very long time.

How to Use Google to Find Awesome Free Content

As showed in the video above, you can use Google to find awesome, good content to send to your list.

An Example from the Dog Training Niche

Let’s say for example you’re very passionate about dog training. Now you may know a little bit about how to train a dog, so you want to find more content.

So just go to Google and literally type in 5 simple ways to train a dog or something like that.

Google search for 5 simple ways to train a dog

Now a bunch of stuff is going to come up in your search results. You’ll see, as shown in the screenshot below, different websites telling you different ways that you can train a dog.

Google Search Results for dog training

Something you come across that’s really helpful a lot of times is a site called Wikihow. Wikihow is a site that teaches step by step things. What I like to do is go to that site to see what they put there in their content.

Dog training on Wikihow

What you should do essentially is take all this free content on Wikihow and paste it into a word document. Then go through it and rewrite it in your own words.

How to Use Blogs, Forums, Advanced Twitter & Google Keyword Tools to Research Popular Quality Niche Contents

In the video below Justin explains step by step how you can use blogs, forums and advanced keyword research tools on Twitter  and Google to dig out popular and quality contents in any niche of your choice.

How to Get Free Images to Use

Don’t just pull images from Google or other websites. You do not have rights to use them. You can get free images to use on your site or newsletter from websites like Pixabay or Unsplash. These sites have over 1 million free images for you to download and use.

This means you’re not just taking someone else’s content, literally copying it word for word and just putting it on your website or newsletter. Rather you’re going to use it as a guideline.

You just take some of the tricks and techniques that they talk about and then rewrite it in your own words.

Look, there are so many different websites that come up on Google which are all about how to train a dog.

These are different types of articles you can use to create a unique content in your own words and in your own niche, and be able to provide awesome free value to your list.

How to Check if Your Rewritten Content is Unique

Remember you don’t want to copy the content word for word. That would be copyright infringement. Instead, you want to take the methods that they talk about and obviously rewrite them from start to finish in your own words.

Then you can go to Copyscape or other plagiarism checkers like Grammarly to test if your finished article is unique like that.

Copyscape site

An Example from the Weight Loss Niche

Let’s say you’re looking for content like 3 simple ways to lose weight. All right, that’s another niche but you can still use Google for your research like I explained above.

3 simple ways to lose weight

Again there’s a ton of articles you can get from the search results. Just go through it, you know, and create some awesome content for your website or list.

How to Make Your Audience or Subscribers Trust Your Content

As you can see from the screenshot above, Google is a great tool. It’s something that you can really easily get access to. You can find awesome content on it and really come up with a great amount of valuable content for a very long time for your audience or subscribers.

This will help you to keep providing your website audience or email list with valuable stuff. Remember you need to over deliver free content that your subscribers signed up for.

Over delivering will make them trust you and believe in what you have to say. Valuable content always wins. Be Good to your list and then when it’s time, you can promote awesome products to them as well.

Over Deliver Free Content Most of the Time

Now that you’ve learned how to create quality content for website and email list,  feel free to always use Google, Yahoo or Bing search engine as your tool for obtaining so much content.

So many people have written so many things about all sorts of niches. So leverage their stuff, rewrite them in your own words. That’s a great way for you to get awesome content for your list.

How to Use Curation Power to Create Content for Your Blog or List

Curation Power teaches you how to curate contents. It is one of my favorite places for digging a bit deeper and finding possible sources of blog contents, and for looking for awesome quality content for my list.

Curation Power site
Curation Power Website

Curation is being used by top blogs and fortune 500 companies right now. You can use it just like they do because it’s fast and it’s free.  With curation, you can fill up your blog with expert content.

In The Next Module

Congratulations! You just made it to the end of week 7. In the next module (module 1 of week 8), I’ll be talking about the Clickbank Builder Reviews. Hope to see you there.

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  1. I was actually going to pen my first email to my subscribers in one of my niches tomorrow, and I definitely agree that to build trust, we need to over deliver, however we should also be to the point. I can’t tell you how many email lists I’ve subscribed to only to have the email author drone on and on before finally getting to the point. That’s not me. One subscription list I’ve been part of for a while has been Tom Woods, who hosts his own podcast and YouTube show. I love his over delivery style, and it’s not so much that he drones. He’s straight to the point, which I’ve always admired. 

    • Yes Todd. Over delivery wins the heart of my subscribers too. I always go straight to the point too, and it helps keep my subscribers stay subscribed and buy my recommended affiliate products. Many thanks Todd.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this important piece of info with us. I am struggling sometimes in coming up with ideas to write about on my new blog, but I had no idea we could use the free content of google to do that I simply thought it could not be done. I am gonna go ahead and follow exactly what you just said and I have a feeling that you just saved my day. Thank you

    • Yes Barbara. google can be a source of lot of ideas for you to write about or rewrite in your own words. will be happy to see you here again.

  3. Hi! Yes, we need content for our e-mail marketing strategy. But constantly coming up with new content is quite challenging. Thank you for showing us how to get free content and re-writing it! Yes, using Google to accomplish this is easy. I’ll pay attention to the articles in Wikihow. I’ve noted that their posts are really detailed and explain things step by step. Thank you very much for giving us the idea.

    • You’re welcome Henry. Please visit my blog again soon for more awesome contents like this.

  4. YOu have done excellent and honest job on how to create quality content for blog and email list.I was once in the shoe of copy other work until google strike me and also a friend recommended me an article auto rewriter , I used it as well and it worked for me but I later realised that if I find my article in other people site would I pleased with them, I then took a giant step , say no to copy other work or rewrite article again.
    Now I am following your article by coping other people article and rewrite with my own language and am totally free from copyscape.
    Though I write content on my own but this  can take me a week before I could completed it because I am a slow writer, though on my email list I took the service of an expert to manage my email list.
    You have done excellent job and I wish a newbie find this article at their beginnig which can be a guide to them .

    • Thank you for your contribution John. Please come back again soon to read more awesome content like this.

  5. This article is just what I needed to help me get more content to write about in my niche.  I hear all the time folks saying they are getting stuck on coming up with new ideas to write content on their website about their niche; with this method you provided, now they can.  The idea also about going to different blogs or forums within your niche to find how big of a conversations being discussed about that niche and utilizing that to talk with others and get ideas.  Using the Twitter search is genius, because you could come across so many people who may be needing help in your niche and you can offer them a solution!  Those are great suggestion about checking for plagiarism and very helpful to keep one from staying out of trouble.

    This article is a tremendous help and great advice on keeping your content flowing and recent.


    • Thank you Robert for finding great value in my post. Please come back again soon for more awesome topics like this.

  6. Hey there Lawal,

    This is a really great, very informative and enlightening post. Creating quality content can be hard at times, so finding ways to mitigate that is really helpful. It is imperative here to state that even if you curate content, you have to make use of your personal writing voice in your posts and emails. So, you need to modify or rewrite curated or similar content to match your voice, for the post or email to sound authentic.

    My 2 cents 🙂


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