5 thoughts on “How to Create a Facebook Account [Video]”

  1. Back to basics!

    This is clever to remind and guide people on how to take the first steps on Facebook. Since it is not something intuitive for some of us, that post is like holding my hand with good visuals as the illustration.

    Thank you!

  2. Pretty impressive looking FaceBook account you have created there. It has certainly evolved since I created my account a few years ago with the images that look so professional.

    It is imperative any business owner create a business page within FaceBook. We have a dance studio, and the business account is great because it gives us so much exposure. Within a few minutes of posting a pic we already have over 100 views.

    I haven’t tried FaceBook advertising yet, as I feel I am not really very experienced with paid ads yet and am trying my luck on Bing first, where the risk is much lower.

    • Thank you for your comment Michael. Business pages are very helpful for business owners and I think my post today has done justice to step by step explanation of how to create a professional one. I will write on Bing ad soon. 

  3. What a throughout step by step on how to create a Facebook account. It has been years that I set it up. I might need to set up another account just solely for business purposes, your post will come in handy. People say that Facebook is on the way out but I do not think so, I still the majority of my friends still go on Facebook. Running ads on Facebook can bring a lot of traffic to your site for sure. Will follow your instruction, thanks for giving the time frame. 

    • Thank you Nuttanee for checking out my post today. I do not see Facebook going away any time soon. It’s even waxing stronger! Facebook ad is one of the best ways to get targeted traffic if you can engage people. I really appreciate your comment.

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