Google Checklist Template [Tested & Trusted SEO Guide to Reaching the Top of Google]

Week 5 – Establish Your Business Entity & Online Brand

End of Week Goals

1. Set up a Profile.

2. Set up a Profile.

3. Set up a Profile.

4. Set up a Google My Business Profile.

5. Set up a Profile.

6. Set up a Profile.

7. Set up a Profile.

8. Set up a Profile.

9. Set up an Profile.

10.  Interlink all social accounts.

11.  Add social media schema markup..

12.  Set up social media post scheduling on (optional).

We’re getting social this week, and to do this we’re going to create a handful of interconnected social media and online properties.

We’ll then tell Google, through schema, that these online properties all represent the brand relating to our website.

Setting up each profile is very intuitive and won’t require any specific input from me. Don’t try to get clever – instead just set them up totally naturally as if you would for your own personal social media.

The only departure from the norm for SEO purposes is to interlink the accounts. That is, make sure each one has a link somewhere in it to the other 8. It doesn’t matter where.

Of course it’s very likely you’ll already have a Facebook or Twitter profile for your business and you regularly post or tweet.

However, once you’ve created the other 6 social media accounts it’s time to mention how you interact with all 8.

How Frequently Should You Post?

On average, it’s a good idea to post on Facebook and Tweet every other day. For the rest, twice weekly updates will suffice.

As for what you’re doing on these sites, remember that for SEO purposes it really doesn’t matter. It’s only to do with the signals any activity on them sends to Google.

To aid you in the somewhat laborious task of constantly updating these social media accounts, a great tool to use is

For a few dollars per month, it allows you to pre-populate and automatically schedule activity on your accounts, so to me it’s very much worth it.

Week 6 – Submit Your Site to Directories

End of Week Goals

1. Set a schedule over the next 3 weeks to submit your website to 10 national, 10 local, and 10 niche directories.

2. For this week, submit your URL to the 10 national directories.

3. Set up reminders to submit your site to 5 national directories per week thereafter for 3 weeks.

Watch Reference Video:

1. ‘How to get on Google Maps’

Directory listings are important no matter whether you’re a local or national business, but if you are local, they’re an even bigger deal because of the map listings.

This week is all about embarking on the (I’m afraid mind numbing) task of submitting your website to online directories.

Set yourself reminders and schedule the following…

Week 610 National Directories

Week 710 Local Area Directories

Week 810 Niche / Industry Specific Directories

Week 95 National Directories

Week 105 National Directories

Week 115 National Directories

I would only recommend continuing to build directory links to your website beyond week 11 if you’re trying to compete for the very top position on the Google Map Listings.

In this case, you’ll need to carry out more surgical research into the competition, and in particular the citations associated with their sites, by using Whitespark.

Reference my tutorial video called ‘How to Get on Google Maps’ for more help with this.

For a list of suggested national directories to submit to, join my mailing list to request for the ‘National Business Directories’ PDF.

Week 7 – Set Up a HARO Account and Systemize it

End of Week Goals

1. Set up an account with Help a Reporter Out (

2. Systemize and filter HARO’s email delivery.

3. Write an email template HARO response.

Watch Reference Video:

1. ‘Haro’

This week we’re setting up HARO so it can run on autopilot. Well, I say ‘autopilot’; the goal here is to minimize work and filter out the noise, so it’s not going to be completely hands off.

Once you’ve completed this week’s tasks, you’ll have a sustainable link generation model that’s totally free to use.

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  1. This post really got my attention because I can’t help but feel like I’m doing something wrong with my website. I know that SEO is the best boost for success, and I’ve got to do more than just create good content. Your Google Checklist Template seems to be just what anyone and everyone in affiliate marketing needs to know. Thanks for sharing it!


    • You’re welcome Sue. I’m glad you find my template very useful.

  2. Explicitly explained. But you need to please address these challenges I am having. If I am looking at on-page and off-page SEO, as well as technical SEO issues. What are some of the key SEO audit steps I need to carry out? How do I get an accessible URL which is an important SEO ranking factor. How do I ensure that Google can crawl my site to find my content and know what it is about. These are my challenges.

  3. Hey, Lawal!

    I just wanted to drop a huge thank you note. This seems like something I could truly benefit a lot from. Bookmarked the page and your site. Will definitely come back to this. That spreading out definitely make sense, so I’ll probably visit weekly. Really looking forward to how this could potentially positively influence my rankings.

    Either way, be it as it may, I truly appreciate first the time it took to compile all this knowledge. And second to make an article about it!

    I am truly grateful for that. <3

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    • Thank you too Matiss for taking your time to read my SEO post. I know the template will surely help you rank on first position on Google if you follow it religiously.

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      Thank you again  Matiss.

  4. Hey, Lawal! I couldn’t resist not to comment. 

    The work you’ve put in to make this all accessible and available at one place, sharing what essentially are the secrets behind making that rank happen, is something I sincerely commend. I mean, wow. So much of that week one make sense and I love the fact that you are also teaching to consider your competition as sometimes there really are websites so profound and fortified their authority that there’s nothing you can do to surmount them.

    Thank you for all the knowledge you have shared! There are no words in English to describe how much I appreciate it! 🙂

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    • I’m glad you appreciate my work on producing this template. I must also appreciate you for taking out of your time to study this post.

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