Google Checklist Template [Tested & Trusted SEO Guide to Reaching the Top of Google]

You’re about to lay your hands on the Google checklist template that I’ve used to rank hundreds of clients’ websites to the number 1 spot on Google.

It’s the ultimate tested, trusted and updated SEO guide you won’t find any where else on the internet.

Before we continue, I want to quickly mention that if you decide you want to learn SEO right from scratch, you start from the SEO tutorial guide and move forward from there.

Time Frame to Implement the Template

This is it: spend just 12 weeks of your time following my Google checklist template and get your website to the number 1 spot on Google.

My template will also help you rank your site on number 1 spots on yahoo and Bing as well, speaking from my personal experience.

This is what you’ve likely been waiting for if you came to my blog mainly to learn everything there is about SEO.

My template is based on a real world 12-week SEO plan to give your website the best possible chance of reaching the top of Google.

If you’ve followed my SEO tutorials this far, you’ve now benefited from my nearly decade of experience in trawling SEO forums, attending SEO conferences, working on hundreds of clients’ websites, and generally reading absolutely everything I can on the topic of SEO.

And, if I’ve done my work properly, you should be refreshingly convinced that SEO really isn’t hard, as long as you take a common sense approach.

As you perhaps have learned in my previous SEO tutorials, there’s no ‘magic bullet’ in SEO.

The best anyone can do to get their site to the top, is to use their knowledge and experience to apply the best practices.

You’ve leveraged my experience. Now it’s time to put your newly gained knowledge into practice.

With this in mind, I’m going to lay out exactly what I’d do if you gave me your new website and asked me to get you first position results on Google within 12 weeks.

Is Your Google Checklist Template Guaranteed?

Just before I lay out exactly what you’d do, let me tell you what you may be thinking right now.


You might be thinking “What if I don’t get the results I want for the work I put in?”.

Welcome to the frustrating world of SEO my friend!

But I want to assure you that if you follow everything in my Google checklist template step by step, you stand the best possible chance of getting page-1 results, if not number 1 spot.

The truth is that SEO can bring fortune to your business, but if you just hate taking risks, stick to AdWords and other pay per click advertising. Period!

Now, before you try to work out the best way to lawfully document all your SEO activities so you can sue me if you’re not in the number 1 position of Google in exactly 12 weeks for any keyword you choose, let me state some obvious disclaimers.

Firstly, I’m aware of the limits in volunteering a ‘one-size-fits-all’ Google checklist template for a website.

I’ll be basing the following template on a local, service based business website as this will be as all-encompassing as a possible.

But whoever you are, as long as you use the common sense rule and apply some bespoke planning to your site, you’ll do well.

No One Can Guarantee SEO Results

And of course, no one can guarantee results in Google. Following my Google checklist template is the best possible chance of success I can advise.

Depending on the competitiveness of your industry, getting to page No. 1 may take more than 12 weeks, or it may take less.

Like all things with SEO, commit to a good long-term strategy and you will come out on top eventually.

Lastly, a quick note on the time you dedicate to all this. The template is broken up into week long chunks, but that doesn’t mean you’re to be sat at a computer Monday to Friday mainlining coffee into the night.

No! Quite the contrary. Many of the tasks can be completed in only a few hours. It’s important to not overload you so each week consists of a series of bitesize SEO chunks.

There’s also a secondary reason behind such a chronological spreading of the work – it’s natural in Google’s eyes.

For example, the last thing we want is dozens of links coming to your site at once. Plus, we want to add content to your site over a sustained period to tick the freshness box with Google.


Before we continue, I want to quickly mention that you can join my mailing list and request for the PDF version of the Google checklist template so you can print it if you want.

Once you are on my mailing list you can also request for the reference videos mentioned in the template as you go.

Alright, let’s get started!

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8 thoughts on “Google Checklist Template [Tested & Trusted SEO Guide to Reaching the Top of Google]”

  1. This post really got my attention because I can’t help but feel like I’m doing something wrong with my website. I know that SEO is the best boost for success, and I’ve got to do more than just create good content. Your Google Checklist Template seems to be just what anyone and everyone in affiliate marketing needs to know. Thanks for sharing it!


    • You’re welcome Sue. I’m glad you find my template very useful.

  2. Explicitly explained. But you need to please address these challenges I am having. If I am looking at on-page and off-page SEO, as well as technical SEO issues. What are some of the key SEO audit steps I need to carry out? How do I get an accessible URL which is an important SEO ranking factor. How do I ensure that Google can crawl my site to find my content and know what it is about. These are my challenges.

  3. Hey, Lawal!

    I just wanted to drop a huge thank you note. This seems like something I could truly benefit a lot from. Bookmarked the page and your site. Will definitely come back to this. That spreading out definitely make sense, so I’ll probably visit weekly. Really looking forward to how this could potentially positively influence my rankings.

    Either way, be it as it may, I truly appreciate first the time it took to compile all this knowledge. And second to make an article about it!

    I am truly grateful for that. <3

    Carpe minutam, my friend! Have a Great One!


    • Thank you too Matiss for taking your time to read my SEO post. I know the template will surely help you rank on first position on Google if you follow it religiously.

      Still you can contact me if you need more help.

      Thank you again  Matiss.

  4. Hey, Lawal! I couldn’t resist not to comment. 

    The work you’ve put in to make this all accessible and available at one place, sharing what essentially are the secrets behind making that rank happen, is something I sincerely commend. I mean, wow. So much of that week one make sense and I love the fact that you are also teaching to consider your competition as sometimes there really are websites so profound and fortified their authority that there’s nothing you can do to surmount them.

    Thank you for all the knowledge you have shared! There are no words in English to describe how much I appreciate it! 🙂

    Have a Wonderful Day, Lawal!


    • I’m glad you appreciate my work on producing this template. I must also appreciate you for taking out of your time to study this post.

      Thank you so much Rasa.


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