Complete Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing [Updated]

You will find it very helpful to have a complete beginners guide to affiliate marketing before you start this course.

This is an in-dept but a completely simplified guide to the whole course that teaches you step by step how to earn residual income in your new affiliate marketing business.

Don’t forget to check out addition resources you may need for this course in the Resources section. In this section however, we will look at some common definitions and terms used in affiliate marketing. The terms are written in boldface so you can take note of them.

Overview of the Course

An Overview of the complete course modules is presented neatly in the table below:

Week 1

1. Introduction to Affiliate marketing

2. Affiliate Internet marketing Plan

3. Clickbank Success Formula

4. Personal Goal Setting for Success

Week 2

1. How to Make Money with Clickbank 1 – Introduction

2. How to Make Money with Clickbank 2 – Online Affiliate Marketing

3. How to Make Money with Clickbank 3 – Clickbank Marketplace

4. How to Make Money with Clickbank 4 – Successful Clickbank Products

Week 3

1. Importance of Passion in Business

2. How to find Your Passion in Business

3. Niche Research for Clickbank

4. Clickbank Affiliate Product Research

Week 4

1. How to Increase the Conversion Rate for your Affiliate Product – Affiliate Funnel 101

2. How to Build Your Squeeze Pages

Week 5

1. How to Make Money from Email List

2. How to Outsource Work in Affiliate Marketing

Week 6

1. How to Get Good Email Open Rate

2. How to Promote Affiliate Links to Your Email List

Week 7

1. Setting up Aweber Autoresponders

2. How to Create Quality Content for Website & Email List

Week 8

1. Clickbank Builder Reviews

What is Affiliate Marketing?

We can define affiliate marketing as the process used to build, maintain and promote a website that is used for reviewing products or services through content writing.

Who is A vendor?

A vendor is the creator of the product or service that you promote.You are the affiliate because, although you are promoting the products or services, you did not create them yourself.

What is “Content” in Affiliate Marketing?

Content is what ever you put on your website to describe or explain the product or service you are promoting, It could be text, images, audio or even videos.

When you write content, you would put links to an online marketplace or store (such as Clickbank Ebay, Shopify and Amazon) where your website visitors would be able to purchase the products or services that you promote. We will discuss how to write quality content in week 7, module 4.

What is “Traffic” in Affiliate Marketing?

The visitors that come to look at your website are called traffic. So each time you make a sale by directing traffic to your site, you earn a predefined or agreed commission from your vendor. Traffic = Visitors to your site. You can learn a lot about traffic from my greatest mentor, Neil Patel.

traffic to a website

How Much Will I make in Affiliate Marketing?

One great advantage of affiliate marketing is that there’s no limit to your income unlike your 9 to 5 day job because the more sales you make, the more commissions you earn. This also implies that the higher the number of visitors you direct to your website, the higher is your potential income.

Typically we’ve had people, myself inclusive, who are making between $1k to over $50k monthly by working full time or part time in this same affiliate marketing industry you just entered today.

How Do I get Traffic to My Affiliate Site?

At this point, it is important to mention that one of the most effective ways you can get traffic to your site is to build search traffic. For example you can build search traffic to your affiliate site through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) using search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing. We discuss SEO in greater detail in the seo-tutorial course.

Google is the biggest source of search engine traffic so you should focus more of your promotional effort on that company. We will cover how to get quality and targeted traffic in week 8, module 4.

Why is Search Traffic So Important?

Although you can get traffic from other sources (for example paid and social media traffic), search engine traffic is the best because it is free (assuming people always find your site when they search for the product or service you promote).

That is why your primary goal as an affiliate marketer is to get a first page ranking on the three major search engines mentioned above ( especially Google because it is the one majority of people all over the world use).

When you accomplish first or second position on the first page of a search engine, a large amount of traffic will come to your site monthly, and the higher the potential revenue you will earn.

Ok Cool. What is SERP?

When people enter keywords (phrases used for searching) in the search box of a search engine like Google, the first page of results that come up is called SERP, meaning Search Engine Result Page. We will discuss more about Keywords and SERPs in greater detail in weeks 3 and 4 modules. For example when the Keyword “how to lose weight” was put inside the Google’s search bar, the SERP that came up is shown in red box in the image below: SERP

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  1. The subject is on point but I really appreciate the overview of the course that was provided. It helps generate a sense of being able to help people understand what they are getting into. It also builds accountability because if you are willing to sign yourself up for a weeks long course it should translate into success if you stick with it. Pay attention to your front row and make sure you have the support internally and externally to make it happen. Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re welcome Williams. I wish you good luck in your course.

  2. Thanks for sharing this wonderful review on beginning guide to affiliate marketing, I have always been searching for a wonderful review and informative review like this. This review is educative on how to start a affiliate marketer from a beginner to a professional.

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    • You’re welcome Musbau. Please visit again soon for more tutorials like this.

  3. This complete beginners guide to affiliate marketing is a well-laid out roadmap I think after reading through the curriculum you have included. I am not a beginner, yet I think back through the process that I went through, and there are some steps that you include that I missed starting out.

    Each of the steps is important to provide a solid base for your future business. Missing one or more will slow you down, as you likely will have to backtrack to complete them, and this could cause extra work and time. Often the changes mean that other steps will also have to be fixed.

    Any reader that uses this as a starting point for their own business will be well-served, and the free starting course that they can sign up for is also a good suggestion and one they will not regret. As a veteran of online marketing, I can say that perhaps the most important thing is to get started. That first step leads to the next and the next and so on.

    Thanks for the great guide you have posted, I am sure many will be helped in their quest to finally start making money online!  

    • Thank you Dave, I really appreciate your analysis and experience on my Clickbank tutorials. Many thanks!

  4. Your article “Complete Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing” is very useful for me. I have a lot of terms when I started doing affiliate marketing. Now I understand more from this article. I saw Clickbank from your post, I want to ask some questions to ask, I live in China, how do I start to do Clickbank affiliate marketing, can I make money on Clickbank?

    • Yes Jealous. You can make money on Clickbank from any where you are in the world. To start affiliate marketing with Clickbank you first need to register a free Clickbabk account. Here’s the link to register your free account:

      Open new Clickbank account.

      You can then come back to start your free course on my site to learn how to make money with your Clickbank account.

      Thank you for visiting my blog.

  5. Hi Lawal Aremu!
    Affiliate Marketing is in! We know that! It is best ways to start an online business, unless you don’t have already own product or service to sell.
    Affiliate Business Online is easy to learn and the process involved can be utilized in a very short time, actually from the day one.
    Your affiliate Affiliate marketing guide is simple to follow, very informative and at the point

    Thanks for sharing.
    Wish you a lot of success with it!

    Best regards,
    Stay well, market better, convert best!

    • Thank you for your wishes igor. Please come back again soon for more tutorials on Clickbank.

  6. As an affiliate marketer your most priority at the early stage is content writing, its very important when choosing a niche for your website you chose a niche related to what you love doing so that while writing your content it would be much more easier. your content determine how often visitors(customers) visit your site, that’s it has to be coincide, relevant and provide solution to your customers cause that’s the main reason why they are there.

    For your site to get rank on google and other search it require hard work, determination and focus, all this balls down to how rich your content is and how often people visit and engage on your site. 

    My question is, what other affiliate programs will you suggest newbies like myself and others can join aside amazon, clickbank e.t.c, since we have fewer contents on our website and they don’t allow us join. i’m a victim of this that’s why am asking for a solution.

    Thanks so much for sharing this great post!

    • Hi Ayockson,

      Thank you for your question. You can try out signing up on these other affiliate programs that accept everyone and are good for beginners.

      1. Commission Junction (CJ)
      2. Tailwind
      3. Skimlinks
      4. Keysearch
      5. Convertkit

      I hope this helps.


  7. Hi, I read your whole article about complete beginners guide to affiliate marketing. Thank you for telling us about this guide and we have benefited for cooperation. I read everything from 1 to 8 and realized everything. we need to do for success has been told here about this.I think this guide is very important for those who want to do this work . It is necessary for them to know for an app market marketer.


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