Clickbank Success Formula [The Success Blueprint]

Today we will be discussing Clickbank Success Formula. The whole point of this module is to get you in the right mindset and motivate you.

This will help you to find the most success as possible as an affiliate on any affiliate network, especially Clickbank.

Here’s the link to the previous module in case you’ve not digested it: Affiliate Internet Marketing Plan.

Motivation is Key to Finding Clickbank Success

I’m going to motivate you first by telling you that there’s over 100,000 people Clickbank. These people are affiliates who are finding financial success at this moment. This is amazing. A 100,000 thousand people! That’s about a football stadium of people.

Here’s one more thing that can be super motivating for you. There’s over 1000 people who have become millionaires on the Clickbank platform. That’s a lot of people who have become millionaires with Clickbank.

Another crazy thing is that Clickbank has paid out over 3.5 billion US dollars to people just like you on their platform.

Our mission here at Prominent Affiliate is to make sure that you find success so that you too can be prominent like those self-made millionaires on Clickbank.

The Clickbank Success Blueprint

You see, the whole reason we created Prominent Affiliate is to give you a blueprint. That is a step by step formula to copy what the successful affiliates on Clickbank are doing now so you can be added to the list of successful Clickbank affiliates.

Now motivation is key for all of this. That is because if you’re not motivated you’re not going to get anywhere. You must not give up on this.

How Not to Fail in Business

The only way to fail in any business is to give up. Right? When I first started online, there were so many times that I started businesses like testing out certain affiliate funnels, building my own products. I failed, failed and failed!

Now if I gave up on those failures, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Imagine if you were working on something and you did it 19 times and failed all those 19 times. And you’re said “You know what? I’m done with this. I’m not doing it any more!”

What happens if the 20th time was the actual time you would have found success? If you gave up, you would’ve never got to that point of actually seeing success. No one on Clickbank who found success would be where they are now if they gave up.

Don’t Give up. Stay Focused

These are the two components of the Clickbank success formula:

1. Don’t give up

2. Stay focused

So What I want to make sure is that no matter what, you stay focused and don’t give up. My team and I are here to help you and get you to success on Clickank.

I want YOU reading my blog post right now are going to promise us you’re not going to give up, and you will stick with us.

Affiliate marketing is made easier by Clickbank because Clickbank has been around for quite a while now. They have tons of awesome products for you to promote.

A few examples are health and fitness, business opportunities, pet products, nutrition products, music and so much more! Whatever you’re looking to promote, Clickbank most likely has it.

The Clickbank Marketplace

You can use the Clickbank marketplace to check out all the amazing different categories to see various products listed for you to promote. As an affiliate, anything in that marketplace you can sell as an affiliate.

Why Affiliate Marketing is Easier on Clickbank

Clickbank has made it really very easy for you to be an affiliate. They do this for example by giving you the opportunity to choose any of these products on their platform.

They even let you know the products that are proven to convert and will sell for you if you’re an affiliate. Remember you don’t have to have your product which is amazing! You don’t have to deal with any coding or programing either.

All you need to do is get the link to the product you want to promote on Clickbank and send traffic to it. So when people buy you make commission. Pretty simple right? That’s a very simple way for you to start a business online and start generating income for yourself.

Clickbank is An Opportunity for Startups

clickbank income screenshot

So if you’ve never made any money online before, affiliate marketing is a great way for you to get your foot through the door and start earning an income online.

Clickbank affiliate is one of the simplest ways to actually see results online and get that first sale coming in and start generating an income.

Affiliate marketing is very simple when you use the Clickbank success formula we’ve just discussed. The Clickbank’s mission is that you find success as an affiliate marketer. The Prominent Affiliate’s mission is to teach you exactly how to do that.

In The Next Module

In the next module we will be talking about “Personal Goal Setting for Success”. So be ready for that.

This is because goal setting is one of the most important things when it comes to planning out your success with building a business online or even offline.

So move on to the next module now where we’re going to be setting your goals and what you need to do so that we can hit those goals with affiliate marketing.

I’ll talk to you in the next module!

15 thoughts on “Clickbank Success Formula [The Success Blueprint]”

  1. I’ve been using mostly shareasale, but now I’m gonna give Clickbank a harder look.  Any personnel tips and tricks you have  using Clinkbank for newbies?  How often do you get paid from them if you make a sale?  I don’t know anyone doing affiliate marketing, so nobody I can really ask.  You have any friends or family that do it and have benefited using them? Thanks for the info, I will check it out. 

    • Thank you Thomas for questions. I have lots of tips to help you with affiliate marketing with Clickbank.

      I have been paid several times on Clickbank and still get paid from time to time.

      You can go to my Complete Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing to start as a newbie.

  2. Hi Lawal Aremu, thank you for the great article about clickbank, i joined the clicked bank but i face the failure in it but it is not upto that your 19th time and i gave up but with the way you talked about it on your website to stay firm i think i really need to take you as my mentor the way you are explaining the click bank shows that you have really over come it and i will am interested in the next module.

    • Thank you for your comment Bolu. Please feel free to ask me any question regarding Clickbank as it is my area of expertise. Thank you for visiting my blog today.

  3. Thank you for sharing your course on Clickbank. I have heard of Clickbank, but I never knew that they help people earn money online through affiliate marketing. I was able to get some information from this part of your training, but I’m going to start at the beginning of your course. I want to learn more about the marketplace and how to set up a store.

    • Thank you LeNard. Feel free to navigate to any module of the course. Contact me immediately if you need more help.

  4. I love clickbank , its a very large market place . And the opportunities are limitless. With the such business one can be whatever one want to be financially. Your article just reignite the fire in me. Its now a must do for me, especially with the secrets you are just exposed on how to  succeed . thanks for the insightful article.

    • You’re welcome Olalekan.

  5. Great visuals. Very informative blog on Click bank and why one should consider joining Clickbank. Including section on you page of ” How Not to Fail in Business” which is I ma sure everyone first concern when it comes to earning money online… As you mentioned on your page the only way to fail is by giving up….also sharing with people that you had many failed attempts before you succeeded gives reader encouragement that they are not only once who had to make few attempts before they saw some success…. not giving up is the most important thing. 

    The only way to fail in any business is to give up

  6. I’ve shied away from ClickBank because I’ve had so much spam in the past from people pushing ClickBank products. It was only when I ventured into the affiliate world that I discovered it wasn’t ClickBank that was the cause of all the spamming but the people using it. I see now that ClickBank is a legitimate platform for distributing a wide variety of products. It is up to the individual how these offers reach their intended targets.

    Being new to affiliate marketing, I now see it is a long-term strategy of building trust within my target audience before leading them to the many products that may be of interest to them. Thanks for your helpful article, I will look again at ClickBank and see how I can fit this into my overall marketing strategy.

    • Thank you Paul for sharing your experience about Clickbank. From my experience Clickbank is a great place for finding various types of successful products to promote. I urge you to start using the platform to build a portfolio of great products you can promote for your success.

  7. Hey Lawal,

    Wow didn’t know that there are so many people becoming millionaires off ClickBank, means there’s still hope for me yet! I totally agree with you, often times people quit the moment they are so near to victory, I’m sad to say that I’m one of those people because I didn’t believe earning as an affiliate on ClickBank is a marathon, not a sprint.

    Out of curiosity, is it true that some niches are more profitable on ClickBank, or does it just depends on the traffic? 😀

    • Thank you for your comment Riaz. You can be successful on Clickbank by following the footsteps of successful people. When I first started too I was overwhelmed and scared. Taking a step at a time however I started learning and earning.

      It is true that some niches are more profitable than others regardless of how much traffic you send them.

      To know about some profitable products and niches you can read this post of mine:

      Successful Clickbank Products & Hot Niches [Visual Guide]

  8. 3.5 billion dollars? Wow!

    You know what? You are right. Giving up is the only certain way to failure. So I promise I won’t give up and I will stick around until I make it. 

    Clickbank seems a pretty good affiliate network. I haven’t made money from my site yet, so this will be the first affiliate network I use. Hopefully, it’ll go well. Fingers crossed!


    • Thank you Kate for your awesome insight on this topic. I strongly advise you don’t give up. Clickbank is the easiest affiliate network for beginners out there. They are regular with paying affiliates and have tons of different products in different niches. Let me know about your progress soon.

      Thank you Kate.


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