Clickbank Builder Reviews [Video Reviews]

My Clickbank Builder reviews are presented below in both video and text formats so you can easily learn how  the Clickbank Builder 2.0 platform works and how to use it.

The Clickbank Builder Overview

The builder will help you to quickly create unlimited sales funnels, optin funnels, upsell pages and membership sites, and also host them for you. It’s the Clickbank’s very own product.

As a Clickbank vendor or even as an affiliate, you can use the Clickbank Builder 2.0 Lifetime Access to create your own membership website and make it accessible to only customers who have paid for access.

Upon purchasing your product, your customers will be sent login details that will allow them to access your product.

Inside the membership website, members gain access to the exclusive information that your ebook or your series of training or instructional videos has to offer and that they actually paid for.

How to Navigate the Clickbank Builder Platform

Now the builder is specifically designed to function as a platform for selling your digital products and then hosting your membership websites.

Here’s a screenshot of the Clickbank Builder dashboard.

Clickbank Builder dashboard

As you can see, you can create as many products as you want. So we’re just going to go into one of the products William has been working on.

You can click on the Add New box to start creating a new product. Alternatively, you can hover your mouse on an existing product like Debt Destroyer to edit it.

Selecting a product on the Clickbank builder

The Sales Funnel Pages

Now as a part of your sales funnel, there are 4 main pages that you need to have. These are:

  • Sales Page
  • Thanks Page (main ‘Thank You’ page)
  • Product Page 
  • Affiliates Page

On the Clickbank Builder platform, there are also 2 Upsell pages, and one Optin Page with its associated Thanks Page.

The Sales Page

This is the page where you will pitch and sell your product. This page has a couple of functionalities. For example you can change the headline and sub-headlines on it. See the screenshot below.

How to change headlines on the Clickbank builder platform

You can upload a video and change the Buy Now button.

How to uload a video and change buy now buttons on Clickbank builder platfprm

You can also change the price, the 60 days Money Back Guarantee, the amount of days, and then you can list the features of your product.Product features on clickbank builder

In addition, you can house your video sales letter on the Sales Page by putting your pitch right inside the video box.

The Thank You Page

Now, if you don’t have an upsell and they buy your product, they’ll be sent to the Thank You page.

On this page all you want to do is simply thank them for buying your product and then giving them instructions on how they’re actually going to find their login details.

As you can see in the screenshot below, it’s been already written as a default text: “Please check your inbox (and in some cases your Spam Folder) for your Login Access information”.

The Thank you page on Clickbank builder

You also want to give them a quick reminder of how their credit card statement will look, as shown in the screenshot below.

The Thank you page with credit card info on Clickbank builder

Your Credit card Statement Will Show a Charge from CLKBANK*COM

This means will be shown as the charge on their account.

The Product Page

Then you have the Product Page. Of course, this is where you have your actual product. You can have your ebook or your video tutorials here.

The product page 1 on Clickbank builder

You have to click on the big Download Content button to unveil the upload button.

Where to upload your product in the Clickbank builder

Next, click the Choose File button on the left panel to upload your product.

The Choose File button

There’s a lot of cool backgrounds on the builder as well that you can choose from.

Some cool backgrounds on the Clickbank builder

You can click on the Preview button to see what the background and the whole page looks like.

Preview tab on the clickbank builder

The screenshot below shows the preview of the page.

Preview of the product page on clickbank builder

Finally click on the Publish Changes button to save your changes and see what the whole page looks like.

The publish changes button

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6 thoughts on “Clickbank Builder Reviews [Video Reviews]”

  1. Thanks for showing how the Clickbank Builder works… I’ve heard about it before but have not actually seen a full detailed explanation. It looks like a great program and I’m definitely going to check it out.

    The video makes it so easy to see how it really works and absorb the information. It’s exciting to see another way to create profit online!

    • Thant’s right Judy. I encourage you check out Clickbank Builder as soon as possible. You will be glad you did!

  2. I’ve seen these product sales pages on many sites and yes, they do contain enticing headlines and imagery and I’ve clicked through countless times. I actually thought there was a WP plugin allowing site authors to do this, but now I’d lean closer to the potential fact they were using Clickbank Builder instead. I love what I read here and it’ll be a great addition to a niche site I’m just now starting to build that targets a specific demographic. 

    • Thank you very much Todd for sharing your experience about sales pages with us. They are very useful for pitching your product or services. One good platform for doing that is Clickbank Builder.

      Many thanks Todd.

  3. hi Lawal, I must say this is something that I was looking for for a long time. I heard that creating a membership site is very profitable and that is something I want to create. I am Clickbank affiliate but I did not know about this. Do you think it is worth to start membership site today?

    • Hi Daniel,

      Yes. It’s worth starting a membership site. Just ensure you do that in a niche you’re knowledeagble. Thank you for visiting my blog Daniel.


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