Best Clickbank Products to Promote on Facebook [Updated]

Today, we will discuss the best Clickbank products to promote on Facebook and other social media by narrowing down from 3 different niches that you’re passionate about.

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In the previous module of week 3 we discussed how to do niche research for Clickbank.

Discover More Products By Narrowing Down Your Niches

Now, hopefully by now you have those 3 niches from the exercises you did in the last module.

Narrowing your 3 niches down to just one niche will help you to pick the perfect product or products for you to promote as an affiliate.

From the competition research you did you must have 3 different niches you’re passionate about with you right now.

Okay, now we got to discover the product that matches your passion best out of all three of those niches. So what I want you to do is think about it like this:

You really need to understand what it is that you are passionate about and what it is that you’re going to be promoting.

So take those three different niches that you are passionate about and figure this out.

Which one out of those do you understand the most or which one you feel like you have the most knowledge about?


Knowledge Versus Passion

It’s one thing to be passionate about a niche, but it’s another thing to have knowledge about it.

If you have passion about your niche, it’s going to help you sell the product better as an affiliate and obviously make you more money if you also have some knowledge about it.

So here’s what I want you to do right now.

Take those 3 niches of yours and cross off one of them that you think isn’t something you have most knowledge about even though you may really love it.

You may be really passionate about this niche, but you may not have as much knowledge of it as you have with the other two. So again cross that off the list.

Now that Niches Are Narrowed Down to 2. What Next?

Now you’re left with only two niches. Out of those two, you need to decide which is the one that you want to focus your time on.

What happens is, you might say, all right, well I have two different niches that I can get involved with and I’m passionate about both of them.

Remember there’s tons of best Clickbank Products to promote on Facebook and other social media as an affiliate underneath those niches that you can get involved with.

But the thing is that if you focus on the two niches at the same time, you’re going to be spending most of your time on one or more products under both niches. You may find this difficult as a beginner in affiliate marketing.

So it’s very important that you pretty much figure out which is the one niche that you want to focus on because if you spread yourself too thin, the chances of success are going to be way less.

So you must start by focusing on one or two products that fall under only ONE niche.

And once you find success with that one or two products you can then move on from there. Okay?

How to Narrow Down to Only One Niche

Now this is how to figure out which one of your two niches you should pick.

Answer This Simple Question to Find Your Best Niche

Which niche out of these niches do you really love the most? In other words, which one is it that you are the most passionate about, and that you can’t wait to work on 24/7?

Let me rephrase it again. Which niche is it that no matter what comes in your way, you’re going to always be excited to work on it. Understood?

So pick that niche right now and it’s going to end up being the niche that you’re going to focus all of your time on as an affiliate.

It is under that niche that you will finally find the best Clickbank Products to Promote on Facebook or other social media as a Clickbank affiliate.

Think About No Niche Else

I want nothing else to get in your way. I don’t want you to think about any other niche but to just focus on just that one niche.

So cross that other one off (the one you don’t like as much as this niche). This niche is the one from now on that you want to focus most of your time on.

How to find the Best Product to Promote Under Your Chosen Niche

Now, once you do that, now you have to figure out what it is that you want to promote within that niche.

So what you can do now is go to the Clickbank marketplace. Go to the category that has your chosen niche you just narrowed down.

Now You need to figure out what product you want to promote within that niche.

How to Discover the Best Clickbank Products to Promote on Facebook As An Affiliate

This is the best way to figure out what’s the best Clickbank products to promote on facebook or other social media.

Clickbank organizes their products by popularity so it makes searching easy for you.


Let’s Work with A Sample Niche

Now supposing the best niche you’ve decided to promote is Weight Loss. Go to the Clickbank marketplace. On the Categories panel, click on the Health & Fitness category.

You will see various classes of products as shown in the screenshot below.

Clickbank Niche selection

As soon as you click on a class or sub-niche (it’s Diets & Weight Loss in this example as indicated by the arrow), you’ll be taken to a new page where you’ll see all the products you can promote under Diets & Weight Loss.

Clickbank product selection

As you can see from the above screenshot, Clickbank automatically sorts all products by decreasing order of popularity so you can easily see the Best products to Promote.

In the screenshot you can see the best product is Flat Belly Fix (indicated with arrow 2). You also want to look and see how much commission is being made ($38.31).

However, it is better to also check if there’s a rebill involved, so that you do not only get affiliate commissions, but also recurring payments.

In this example. If I were you, I would select the 5th product named Fat Decimator System. It has a recurring billing of $33.4 (indicated with arrow 3 in the above screenshot).

However, feel free to pick the one that is best suited for you on this first page, especially the first one on the page.

That’s the number one product (best product) for that niche anyway, so Clickbank has made it easy for you by telling you is the one since it’s the most popular one and is the one at the very top.

So once you do that, you now have your one product for you that you’re going to focus your time on, that you’re going to promote as an affiliate and you’re going to make a ton of money off of.

In The Next Module

The whole point of this week’s module is to figure out what it is that you want to focus your time on as an affiliate and start promoting.

In Week 4, we’re going to start getting into building your funnel out. The topic of our first module in week 4 is How to Increase the Conversion Rate for your Affiliate Product.

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We will really start getting into the fun parts of everything where you start sending traffic or figuring out the funnel to send traffic to. Then you can start making money as an affiliate.

Before then please leave your comments in the box below to let me know your opinion about this module. I urge you to also subscribe to receive notifications about new tutorials.

I look forward to seeing you inside of week 4 modules.

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  1. The topic is on point. I appreciate the clarity you bring to the issue put on the table. Lot’s of people get to the point of SEO creation and step away due to the overwhelming amount of niche topics out there. What to choose and then stick with over time is the issue. Thanks for clearing the air and sounding out a call to action that makes sense.

    • You’re welcome Williams. I appreciate your comment.

  2. Hi

    Really nice article. Appreciate the time you put in to make this module. It really helps newbies choose the right niche and product to promote. I must say it is kinda specific to Clickbank only. Let me know if I’m wrong. Promoting a product on Facebook is not easy. It requires a certain level of skill. Thanks for sharing

    • You’re right Shashwat. I targeted Clickbank in particular in this post. Please come back again soon for more tutorials.

  3. Good piece of content on clickbank. Though at first I was unfortunate not to have read the initial content on niche research for clickbank but taking my time to go through it and following the procedure stated, I was able to gollow through on this one.

    Now I have my niche which is also profitable and also the products to promote.

    Thanks for this piece.

    • You’re welcome Marshal. If you need further help with your chosen niche please contact me.

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    I like the post clearly explained about the niche and profits and benefits from choosing the niche and about the end results what the products results were how much you have and can benefit from the niche site and also promoting on sites such as facebook .

    Your example is good i like the flow from where you have started on your niche with the example all the way through on picking the right click back.


    • Thank you Tracey. I’m happy to hear you like my example. Please come back again soon for more awesome tutorials like this.

  5. I will say that the article is ok and now i understand how the 3nitches works and how it helps you to promote your business online, truthfully having a knowledge of something and having a passion for it is different, when you have a passion for something you put in your very best instead of just knowing it, i understand the number 1 nitche better than the rest.

    • Thank you Cynthia. I hope you’ll come back again soon for more tutorials like this.

  6. Wow, I am totally missing out as I do not utilize Click Bank for my website, let alone on Facebook.  I have been trying to come up with avenues that will help me generate more income, and this seem like something I have totally missed.  Yet something very essential indeed.  Thank you for the great information.

    • Hi Matt’s Mom,

      I strongly recommend you try the Clickbank product I recommend on this post. It converted very well for me. I know it will for you too. You can watch a review video of it it here. Please come back again soon to read more interesting topics like this.

  7. Thank you for this very useful for me article about the best Clickbank products to promote on Facebook. As an affiliate marketer I often go to Clickbank to find some products to promote. The process of finding the products on Clickbank you presented is very helpful.

    Although I seldom use Facebook to promote the Clickabank products, I think I should try Facebook too.

    • Thank you Sandy for your comment. Try your hands on a few clickbank products, especially the one I mentioned at the top of this post. It converts very well for many people who promote them on Facebook.

  8. I’m glad I came across this post, I signed up for click bank a few months ago when I opened my online store. Although I realized it wasn’t a passion of mine, I came across clickbank while thinking of different ways to make money online. I understood the concept of affiliate marketing but had no idea where to start. I’m very excited to explore your website and check out the free information you have to offer. It seems very in depth and informative. 


    • You’re welcome Alona. Clickbank is a great place for affiliate marketers to create regular income online. You can learn more about how to make money on Clickbank on my site. I have plenty of helpful articles.

  9. Hi, please I tried to promote a diet drink on facebook but my account was banned, what kind of product can I promote on facebook from clickbank

    • There are several reasons why Facebook may ban a promotion these days. Read their ad guideline to know what you did wrong and how to get your promotion approved.


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