Affiliate Internet Marketing Plan [Quick Preview ]

You’re welcome to the new module titled Affiliate Internet Marketing Plan.

In this module, I want you to understand completely what is coming your way to help you in your affiliate internet marketing, and to help you stay focused.

In the previous module, we discussed Introduction to Affiliate Marketing.

Today, I’m going to walk you through exactly what you’re going to get over the next 8 weeks inside the whole course.

Week 1 Preview

In Week 1, we’re going to be talking about Setting up for Success. That is what you need to do to set yourself up for success to find awesome results on Clickbank.

This is a very important module because it gets you in the right mindset to set goals for yourself. It also gets you to the point where you can actually continue and find success on Clickbank.

Week 2 Preview

In week 2, all the modules are all about the affiliate marketing foundation. Getting your foundation set up on Clickbank helps you to understand everything and you really know how to move on to the next step.

Without affiliate marketing foundation, you may be lost here and there. We will be getting into some more advanced stuff as the weeks go on.

Right now I want to make sure that in week 2, you have your foundation set up and everything is ready to rock. You must understand exactly what to plan for.

Week 3 Preview

In week 3, we will be talking about narrowing your niche. What is it you want to promote on Clickbank? What is your passion? Is there something that gets you excited everyday when you wake up? That’s what this is all about.

You may work another job right now. You may be doing something you don’t enjoy. You may be looking for another way to bring in income. Or may be you just want to follow your dream or passion.

Right here is where we’re going to be talking about your niche. We will figure out what is the best thing for you to promote on Clickbank or other affiliate networks of your choice.

Week 4 Preview

What is the best affiliate funnel to build? How do you make the most out of being an affiliate? How do you make the most money? How do you get the most conversion rate?

This is a very important section because we’re going to be walking you through step by step what the best affiliate are doing right now on Clickbank platform.

We will show you how you can copy them and implement it for yourself. I guaranty you’re going to find some awesome stuff in there that you never heard before. Stuff that is going to blow you away!

Week 5 Preview

This is the secret to FREE! You’re probably wondering what is the secret to free. Well, in affiliate internet marketing, we live in a “freemium” world. Free is everything.

You want to over deliver. You want to give away great free content to everyone who signs up to receive your stuff.

The free is the secrete method that we use as affiliates to find the most success and get the highest conversion rate. You will understand better when you get to week 5.

Week 6 Preview

We call week 6 “The Perfect Swipe”. What is the perfect swipe you ask? Well we will get to it week 6. For now just know it is something that’s going to help you maximize conversion. In other words it is something that will help you get the highest conversion rate possible.

Week 7 Preview

Week 7 is called the Email Blueprint. This is the email blueprint that we’ve created to help you find you the most success with being an affiliate step by step.

This is what we use. It is also what others use on Clickbank to find awesome result. You’re going to use it yourself. We have 100,000 people on Clickbank who found financial success. Tons of affiliate creating awesome result for themselves.

We’re going to see what they’re doing and copy their email blueprint so you can use it as well.

Week 8 Preview

affiliate internet marketing plan 2

Finally in week 8, we have scaling methods. We will discuss how to scale everything up. How you can take what you’ve learned in the previous 7 weeks and scale up to the next level.

This will help you to hit that goal that you want to hit. Maybe it’s $10,000 a month; $15,000 a month, whatever that goal is that you set up.

That’s the outline of what you’re going to be learning to take your affiliate internet marketing to the top level. We will get you up and running with a live affiliate funnel. We will help you create awesome commissions for yourself and hit that goal you want to hit.

In The Next Module

Now if you’re excited about this, head over right now to the next module, the Clickbank Success Formula.

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  1. I think as affiliates, we work hard to build our sites and tend to underestimate and underdeliver the secret of free. Free will eventually earn you the income you’re looking for, as long as you do it correctly. I’ve done this with my own creative works plus, of course, on my affiliate networks as well, and it won’t just drive traffic, it’ll make your featured products more visible to the traffic coming in. People will buy if they see value, and often, such value comes in the form of ‘free’ in an initial meeting, be it in person or online. 

  2. I like this. I have heard of the training offered by ClickBank before now, though have not considered it yet. I have picked something in this post for learning. Permit me to relate it with my experience. Precisely in 2016, I started out as an affiliate marketer for a web hosting company without any training. I had high hopes of making thousands of dollars however; I got discouraged after a few months with no sale. I’m preparing myself back again, fully armed with the knowledge of what to know to succeed as an AM. Where you mentioned freemium just clicked on me, that I need to offer something valuable to my site visitors that would entice and encourage them to sign up for an e-mail subscription. 

    • Thank you Tolu for sharing your experience alongside my idea of internet marketing plan.

      Please come back again soon to read my new posts.

  3. I like how you describe each week in the course separately by way of a preview. Your summary of the course through the eight weeks is interesting. I’ve never seen it summed up this way. It’s cool. I like it. I’ll be making referrals to this post of yours. It is valuable and insightful.

    • Thank you again Marlene for your idea of referring more readers to my posts. I greatly appreciate it.

  4. This is talking about affiliate marketing plan which is scaled at various week from week one to week eight.where one will be starting from setting up for success, foundation setup, your niche,talking about the best affiliate funnel to build, freemium, perfect swipe, email blueprint then lastly down to week 8 which talking about scaling everything together to make sense…I really enjoy the arrangement very nice.

    • Thank you Donas. I appreciate your insight into my plan.

  5. Your internet marketing plan is part of a complete course on making money in Affiliate Sales.I am intrigued by the comprehensive outline of the plan. I would like to know how your course complements the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate and Clickbank University,sites you also promote.I like the idea of getting books on the subjects,such as SEO tutorial, since that is my preferred learning mode. 

  6. Hi

    That looks like one comprehensive 8 weeks where you will get everything you need to know about Affiliate internal marketing, which is cleverly previewed in this article. What people sees a clear and concise method they are more likely to buy into the programme, instead if  is was vague and unstructured.

    The only programme I can see is if your niche is not well covered by clickbank and based away from USA.

    Thank you


    • Thank you Antonio for your comment. What I discussed in this tutorial can also help you on other platforms which are not Clickbank, such as Shareasale, Clicksure and many more!

      Please come back again soon to learn more.

  7. Very nice article, good information. I like the way you treated the topic throughout the site. I’ll be checking out your other posts and videos. You seem very knowledgeable and a veteran to the affiliate marketing business, I always enjoy seeing new and successful AM sites, and look forward to reading and seeing more, thanks for sharing.



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