About Prominent Affiliate

Prominent Affiliate is a wealth creation Academy for training internet marketing affiliates.

It was founded by Bolakale Lawal Aremu who owns a diploma in Digital Marketing Essentials.

Bolakale is an affiliate marketer, a blogger and a freelancer as well. He believes in providing awesome content to all affiliates, whether they are beginners or self-professed gurus. He sells a ton of books at several sales outlets.

He works with a few other colleagues who are driven by the community spirit to provide this monumental task.

The reason he started this website is as a result of non availability of very reliable resources to educate and train affiliates internet marketing business.

They and their team spend countless hours researching extremely good affiliate resources that can be used to achieve success in affiliate marketing.

As online marketers, we want everything we need to be in only one place. That’s why we built ProminentAffiliate.com. Initially the company was built for our own team, but it’s now for all internet marketers who want to succeed fast.

When we realized that our resources should be shared with new online marketers, we continue to research more, and make more resources available.

These are some of the new features we added (all for free):

  • Affiliate products and services rated 5 star by honest users
  • Guest and blog posts by the affiliate community
  • Online training with text, video or audio
  • A system of Community-based learning

community learning

Now we are extremely proud to announce that Prominent Affiliate has helped many (nearly a thousands at the time of writing) affiliate marketers to improve their internet marketing businesses.

Affiliate marketers who are serious about their online businesses spend quality time to learn a lot from us because our website serves them well.

We are very proud to say that Prominent Affiliate has helped hundreds of online marketers improve their businesses.

If you’re serious about your online business, take the time to learn from us and we promise we will serve you very well.

Lawal is the founder of Prominent Affiliate. He is an online marketing consultant and a coach. He has had a passion for creating multiple streams of income from my online business since 2005.

He became strongly determined to change our financial future in late 2007 and decided to pursue our journey further online. Affiliate marketing was always my passion. We became successful around early 2013.

At that time, it had gotten so much harder to build a business online because as the popularity of the internet grew, it became essential for every entrepreneur, business, even offline businesses to have a presence online.

Hence making the internet more competitive for a start-up like me to build my online business.

In our entrepreneurial journey, we managed to invest more than $20,000 of my hard earned money on home study courses and education programs.

We attended seminars about internet marketing and purchased high level coaching from many top marketers such as owners of Clickbank. The are many more.

In 2019, we created ProminentAffiliate.com to help upcoming entrepreneurs who are interested in creating a sustainable 6 figure income online.

We’re also working with a couple private clients and students to help them build full time online marketing businesses.

You too can work with me. I promise I will do my best to help you.