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3 Types of SEO Business Model [Begin Your SEO Business Step By Step]

These are the 3 types of SEO business model you must know:

  1. Affiliate SEO
  2. Business SEO
  3. Client SEO

This post will help you prepare to learn SEO.

Before we continue, I want to mention that if you’d like to learn SEO right from scratch, please follow the SEO tutorial guide page and move forward from there.

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In this post you will learn more than just the 3 types of SEO business models. You will also learn various ways you can profit from search engine optimization.

You may know that you want to start your SEO journey, but you may be unsure about which route to take.

Well, here I’ll lay out the different ways you can make money, and from there you can make the right choice for you based on your personality.

Already have a website?

If you already have a website and you know how you’ll ultimately make money from SEO then just read my post that relates to you, and then skip ahead to the next post.

But before you do, you should read the section in this post called:

The Cash Formula: How to Translate Rankings to Money in Your Wallet

It’s going to be very useful later.

Affiliate SEO

affiliate marketing


Before I talk about the world of affiliate SEO, let me touch upon the general concept of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing describes the process of recommending or referencing someone else’s product or service on your own website in exchange for a commission should a user go on to buy that product or service via a special tracking link.

For example, let’s say you have a website reviewing the best amateur camera equipment out there. It doesn’t sell anything.

It just writes passionately about photography.

If you provide special affiliate tracking links to 3rd party retailers where people can buy the cameras you recommend – and someone goes on to buy a camera from the retailer – you’ll get the commission.

Although we’re concerned with the Internet here, the term ‘Affiliate Marketing’ isn’t restricted to online sales though.

An example of Offline affiliate marketing.

For example, if your broadband provider offers you cashback when you persuade your parents to switch to that provider as well, then technically speaking, you’re an affiliate marketer.

You are ‘affiliated’ with that product, and you are ‘marketing’ it to a prospect on behalf of the company who pays you the commission.

Before I graduated into SEO consulting, I was an affiliate marketer. I’d buy advertising space across the Internet and then use that space to try and sell dating website subscriptions.

I specialized in the French, over-50s market (this isn’t a joke, I really did!).

So every single time a French lady would click on an advert of mine (usually featuring some handsome grey-haired man, or should I say, Monsieur), and then go on to sign up to the dating website, I would receive $25.

When you think of making money from a laptop on a beach somewhere, think affiliate SEO.

If you manage to get this type of SEO enterprise right, you can make an unbelievable monthly income from it.

The process of creating an affiliate website goes something like this:

1. Identify a product or service that offers an affiliate partnership.

2. Find keywords online which generate a significant amount of traffic that could be motivated to buy that product or service.

3. Create a website featuring content on the topic of that product or service.

4. Rank that website as high up in Google (or other reputable search engines) as possible for the keywords you’ve identified.

5. Refine your website to funnel as many people as possible to click on your affiliate links.

If people buy the product or service you’re recommending, you’re paid a commission on every sale.

It sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? Well, it truly is.

There are few nicer feelings in life than logging in to your affiliate network account and seeing that someone in Iowa purchased a Chesterfield Sofa that you didn’t design, manufacture or ship, but you just got paid $97.25 of the profit for.

Best of all, they purchased it at 3 am whilst you were sleeping! God bless capitalism.

However, before you start hastily writing your notice of resignation to your current boss (there’ll be time for that I promise!), there are a few negatives to affiliate SEO that you need to consider.

So here are the pros and cons of affiliate SEO laid out nicely for you:

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  1. Hey well done on your blog and lots of helpful information! You did very well. I love how in depth you went and I learned a tons!! Yay for SEO Affiliate and making money!! Thank you.

  2. I agree that becoming an affiliate marketer can lead to a lifestyle like no other, it offers one the opportunity to create a home based business literally on their computer. However if it was that simple everyone would be doing it, your website is a realistic look at how affiliate marketing really works, I believe that one needs to understand how business actually works so to have a sustainable affiliate business people need to read carefully the tips that you suggest in order to do it the right way. Well done on your content.


    • Thank you Fintan for your tips. Please come back again soon to read read more awesome posts like this.

  3. Your article is very useful. In the last 7 years I did SEO and SEM, but I honestly believe SEO is much better for a lot of reasons.

    1. it Is organic and free, you can get the niche easily and without any experience.

    2. No pressure: You don’t have any pressure or frustration in spending money because you simply don’t spend a cent.

    3. Get the success: if you are persistent and constant, you can get success in less than 1 year.

    • Thank you for your commendation Fabio. I agree with all the points you make.

      Please come back to my blog again soon. Thank you so much.

  4. Hey lawal,

    Omg getting $25 off a banner ad sale, I didn’t know that it’s effective, wow! I’ve always thought that they look dodgy and nobody would click on those ads because I never click on those but man, you opened up my eyes to a whole world of possibilities. Were those dating sites your own, or were you doing affiliate marketing?

    • Hi Riaz,

      I was just an affiliate of those dating sites. Thank you for finding my post helpful. Please come back again soon.

  5. OK, I am very sure that there are not a lot of people who take out the time to write such in depth step by step tips on thrree types of SEO business models with all their pros and cons and personal experiences with them. As a newbie in the online business,I am searching and doing a lot of knowledge gathering and this post has really got me informed and provided me with the ability to choose the most fitting model for my lifestyle and passion. Like you,I love helping people ,so I am now geared towards learning everything that I can to be able to become an SEO Consultant. Thanks a lot for sharing and keep doing what you do, you are helping even more people than you think or know.

    • Thank you Vapz for your comment and for liking my SEO post. Please come back again soon to learn more. Thank you.

  6. You have no idea on how many levels I agree with the ideas you’ve shared.

    “Remember, a poor to average product or service can be very successful with good marketing, whereas a genuinely great product or service marketed poorly will likely tank faster than a chocolate teapot.” – This is so, so, so incredibly accurate. And I see it all the time.

    Ultimately, I feel it doesn’t really matter what kind of product you are offering or that your competition is essentially misleading people into buying the wrong kinds (if people are genuinely into the best). So, people get misled, buy solid products but definitely not the best while not realizing that.

    In that sense, the guy with the better product must be great at marketing, it’s his duty and obligation if he wants to make the world a better place. Because it might be ridiculous but I feel superior marketing wins every time.

    I mean, it’s 100% as you say. You can have the best, THE BEST product. But if you don’t spend a fortune advertising on it or really immerse into making sure that it ranks what regards to SEO, it just doesn’t matter. It just doesn’t matter. It will not sell. And you will bankrupt.

    Other than that, I appreciate all the insights you provided. I definitely learned a lot. 🙂 Cheers,


    • Thank you very much Matiss for sharing your experience on this topic. Please come back again soon to share your views again on great SEO topics like this.

  7. I am eternally grateful to you, Lawal!

    This article has completely transformed how I think about affiliate marketing and SEO. Previously I was very reluctant and had a negative feeling towards it so I always did the most basic stuff. But seeing and further imagining how beneficial it can actually be based on all the information you provided and the possibilities it can bring… I’m just sad I hadn’t come across people like you previously who’ve set me on the right path. 

    Can’t wait to learn more. <3

    I truly and sincerely appreciate you, Lawal!

    Have a Wonderful Day!


    • Thank you Rasa for finding my post very helpful. I’m grateful to you too for coming to read my post. Please come back again to my site soon to learn more about SEO and affiliate marketing.

  8. I must say you’re indeed a genius my brother, for this wonderful work. You gave indepbth analysis on how SEO works, the pros and cons and even shared yours indelible experience to back it up. I’m a newbie in affiliate marketing and I think I’m getting things way more better here than what I couldn’t get anywhere else. With your thorough and explicit explanation on SEO, I’ve been able to get keywords with minimal or no competition which I can easily dive in, and I believe strongly that, in less than a three month, I see myself topping the first page of Google ranking.
    Thank you very much.


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